Zelda TotK: Obtaining the Archaic Armor Set

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Looking for the Archaic Armor Set in Zelda TotK? Our guide provides information on how to find the Archaic Tunic and Archaic Warm Greaves.

One of the Shrines on Great Sky Island in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a frozen land. It is important for Link to have proper clothing for these conditions. Our guide explains how to obtain the Achaic Armor Set, which includes the Archaic Tunic and Archaic Warm Greaves. We provide detailed information on where to locate the chests containing the clothing for Link.

  • Where to find the Archaic Tunic?
  • How to obtain the Archaic Warm Greaves?

Where to find the Archaic Tunic?

Related map marker: Archaic Tunic @ Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Interactive Map

The Archaic Tunic is the first shirt you can find in Tears of the Kingdom. This outfit only adds 1 point to defense and has no other buffs.

The Archaic Tunic can be found in Pondside Cave. The cave entrance is near In isa Shrine in the south-western part of Great Sky Island.

The chest with the Archaic Tunic is located near the cave exit, behind the area where bats will attack you. There are also Brightbloom seeds located next to the chest.

How to obtain the Archaic Warm Greaves?

Related map marker: Archaic Warm Greaves @ Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Interactive Map

The Archaic Warm Greaves add 2 points to defense and increase resistance to cold. Obtaining these greaves will make it easier to travel through the winter land on Great Sky Island.

There is a large tree trunk near Gutanbac Shrine in the eastern part of Great Sky Island.

Use the Ascend ability on the protruding root and climb up. Continue straight ahead to find a chest containing the Archaic Warm Greaves beside an unlit bonfire.

Here, you can light a bonfire and prepare additional food supplies that give you a bonus to cold resistance. Try cooking a Spicy Pepper or use a Device Dispenser nearby to roll a Portable Pot to always have a cooking device with you.

The Archaic Warm Greaves are great pants to obtain early in the game. After descending from Great Sky Island, there are many locations with low temperatures.


1. What is Archaic Armor in Zelda TotK and why is it important?

Archaic Armor is a special armor set in Zelda TotK that can be obtained by completing a series of quests. It is important because it provides excellent protection against various attacks and damage types, making it an essential item for players who want to progress through the game\’s toughest challenges.

2. How do I get Archaic Armor in Zelda TotK?

To get Archaic Armor in Zelda TotK, you must complete a series of quests that involve finding and defeating powerful enemies. These quests are scattered throughout the game and require a certain level of skill and experience to complete. Once you have completed all of the quests, you will receive the full Archaic Armor set, which provides excellent protection and boosts your stats in various ways. It is important to note that the quests required to obtain Archaic Armor are some of the toughest in the game, so be prepared for a challenge.

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