Xenoblade 3: List of effects and statuses – buffs and debuffs

This guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 provides tips and information on all the buffs and debuffs in the game.

There are numerous buffs and debuffs in Xenoblade 3. This page of the guide offers a detailed description of all the positive and negative effects that can be received by your characters.

  • Buffs
  • Debuffs


Accuracy Up

Increases the accuracy of attacks.

Armor Veil

Absorbs a small amount of damage dealt to enemies.

Attack Up

Increases attack.


Increases attack, defense, and ability recharge speed.

Counter Heal

Character is healed each time the enemy attacks him or her.

Critical Hit Plus

Increases damage on critical hits.

Critical Rate Up

Increases the chance of dealing critical hits.

Debuff Barrier

Cancels the specified number of negative effects.


Allows you to avoid a certain number of attacks.

Defense Up

Increases defense.

Delayed Healing

Provides automatic healing when a character\’s HP is low.

Ether Anchor

Allows for any combination of moves while performing combos.

Evasion Up

Increases the chance to dodge.

Fast Recharge

Increases ability recharge speed.


Makes the character immune to all attacks.

Pause Buff Timer

Stops all buff timers.

Power Charge

Increases the damage dealt when using the next Arts.

Recovery Up

Increases the number of HP.


Regenerates HP at short intervals.


Accuracy Down

Reduces the accuracy of attacks.

The following table displays various debuffs in the game. Each debuff has its own unique effect that can hinder a character\’s performance in battle. These effects include reducing attack power, immobilizing characters, dealing damage over time, preventing the use of certain abilities, and much more. Be sure to keep an eye out for these debuffs and take the necessary precautions to avoid them.


What are effects and statuses in Xenoblade 3?

Effects and statuses are conditions that can be applied to characters and enemies in Xenoblade 3. These can range from beneficial buffs to harmful debuffs.

What are some examples of buffs in Xenoblade 3?

Some examples of buffs in Xenoblade 3 include increased attack power, higher defense, faster movement speed, and improved accuracy. These buffs can be obtained through certain equipment, skills, or abilities.

What are some examples of debuffs in Xenoblade 3?

Some examples of debuffs in Xenoblade 3 include decreased attack power, lowered defense, slowed movement speed, and reduced accuracy. These debuffs can be inflicted by enemies or triggered by certain skills or abilities.

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