Xenoblade 3: How to Increase the Colony Affinity Meter?

This guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 provides tips on how to increase the Colony Affinity Meter in the game.

The Colony Affinity Meter in Xenoblade 3 is a feature that measures the player\’s relationship with a colony. This guide page explains what the Affinity Meter is, how to raise it, and what rewards you can receive for doing so.

  • What is the Affinity Meter?
  • How to Increase the Colony Affinity Meter

What is the Affinity Meter?

After completing Chapter 2 of the game, the Affinity Meter will appear in the top-right corner of the screen. It reflects the player\’s team\’s relationship with a particular colony.

A high level of Affinity Meter provides various bonuses:

  1. Speed Jogger – increases running speed,
  2. Item Retriever – increases the range of collecting items,
  3. Silent Steps – reduces the range of detection by monsters,
  4. Shiny-Hunter – increases the chances of encountering rare monsters,
  5. Slow Digestion – extends the duration of the meal\’s effect,
  6. Swift Swimmer – increases swimming speed,
  7. Caravan Call – increases the chance of meeting Nopon Caravans in a visited colony.

If bonuses are received from different colonies, they can add up. You can check the bonuses in the Party Skill tab.

How to Increase the Colony Affinity Meter

The Affinity Meter can be filled in several ways:

  1. Talking to members of a colony,
  2. Completing side quests for a colony,
  3. Performing the Send Off ritual on fallen soldiers,
  4. Supporting colony troops in conflicts near the colony,
  5. Eating in the canteen.


What is Affinity Meter in Xenoblade 3?

Affinity Meter is a game mechanic in Xenoblade 3 that measures the relationship between the player character and other characters in the game. It is represented by a bar that fills up as the player character interacts with other characters through quests, battles, and conversations. A high affinity level unlocks new abilities, quests, and storylines, while a low affinity level limits the player\’s options.

How to fill the Affinity Meter in Xenoblade 3?

The best way to increase the affinity level in Xenoblade 3 is to complete quests and engage in battles with other characters. The more the player character interacts with other characters, the more the affinity meter will fill up. Players can also enhance their affinity level by engaging in heart-to-heart conversations, which are special dialogues that occur when the player character reaches a certain affinity level with another character. Additionally, the player can give gifts to other characters, which will increase their affinity level. Lastly, players can use the affinity chart to track their progress and see what actions they need to take to increase their affinity with specific characters.

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