Xenoblade 3: How to Cancel Attacks?

This guide provides tips for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 players on how to perform attack cancellation, one of the essential tools during combat.

In Xenoblade 3, canceling an attack allows the next hit to be faster, deals critical damage, and fills the Chain Attack gauge faster. It enables you to switch smoothly from one attack to another, speeding up the fights and overlapping the strikes.

Canceling can be done for regular auto, Arts, or Talent Arts attacks, and a bright light appears next to your character when you succeed in canceling.

  1. Canceled Arts attacks not only speed up the fight but also deal more damage and increase the chance of critical damage and negative statuses.
  2. Another advantage of canceling attacks is that the Chain Attack gauge fills up faster.

Increasing the chance of successfully canceling attacks can be done with the right set of Gems or accessories.


How do I cancel attacks in Xenoblade 3?

In Xenoblade 3, canceling attacks can be a useful technique to increase your damage output and chain attacks. To cancel an attack, you need to press the B button right after your character has finished their attack animation. This will allow you to start a new attack animation immediately and continue your combo. You can also cancel certain special moves by pressing the B button at specific times during their animation. Practice canceling attacks to improve your combat skills and deal more damage to your enemies.

Can all attacks be canceled in Xenoblade 3?

No, not all attacks can be canceled in Xenoblade 3. Basic attacks and some special moves can be canceled, but others, such as chain attacks, cannot be canceled. It\’s important to learn which attacks can be canceled and when to use this technique to maximize your damage output in combat.

What are the benefits of canceling attacks in Xenoblade 3?

Canceling attacks in Xenoblade 3 can provide several benefits. By canceling attacks, you can increase your damage output and chain attacks more effectively, allowing you to deal more damage to your enemies. Canceling attacks can also help you build up your party\’s tension gauge more quickly, which can lead to powerful chain attacks and other bonuses. Additionally, canceling attacks can make your combat gameplay more fluid and enjoyable, allowing you to take on tougher enemies and bosses with greater ease.

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