Xenoblade 3: Combat – How to Escape?

Guide and Tips for Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Some opponents in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be too powerful to defeat. In this guide, we will explain how to escape from a battle.

In Xenoblade 3, there is a way to quickly run away from fights. This page will teach you how to avoid enemy attacks and flee from the battle area.

If you find a certain opponent too difficult to handle, simply move far enough away from them until they stop attacking you.

  1. Hold the \”A\” button to sheathe your weapon and start running in any direction.

You don\’t need to select the \”follow the leader\” option for your team. When the main character puts away their weapon and starts moving away from the fight, the rest of the team will automatically follow suit.

While escaping, be careful not to run into other groups of enemies and risk another fight. If the only surviving party member is a character you control, they may be killed while running. Therefore, it\’s best to decide to run as soon as you realize you have no chance of winning.

Keep in mind that you cannot escape from main mission battles.


1. How can I escape from a battle in Xenoblade 3?

If you find yourself in a difficult battle and want to run away, you can do so by pressing the \”-\” button on your controller. This will bring up the menu where you can select \”Run\” to escape. However, keep in mind that running away from battles too often can negatively impact your character\’s level and progress.

2. Can I use special abilities to escape from battles?

Yes, some characters have abilities that can help them escape from battles. For example, Shulk\’s \”Monado Cyclone\” ability creates a whirlwind that can knock back enemies and give you a chance to escape. Reyn\’s \”Wild Down\” ability can also knock down enemies and give you a chance to flee. Make sure to check your character\’s abilities and use them strategically in battle.

3. Are there any areas in the game where running away is not allowed?

Yes, some areas in the game have designated battle zones where you cannot escape. These areas are usually marked with red lines on the map. Additionally, some story missions may require you to defeat all enemies in a certain area before you can progress. Always pay attention to your surroundings and the mission objectives to avoid getting stuck in a battle you can\’t escape from.

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