Window Of Opportunity | Reapers Coast

This guide will help you navigate through Divinity Original Sin 2.

When exploring the Cloisterwood ruins in Reaper\’s Coast, you will encounter a group of magisters who are trying to catch Hannag, a fugitive.

Talk to the magisters and choose which side you want to help.

  • Choice 1: Help Hannag
  • Choice 2: Help the Magisters

Choice 1: Help Hannag

If you decide to assist Hannag, you will have to fight the magisters. The battle is not too difficult, especially if you take out the magister Priest first.

Speak with Hannag and she will teach you how to gather an additional Source Point if you complete her request. This will start the On The Ropes quest.

Reward: 3 guaranteed prizes + 1 of 4 to choose from depending on the character class

Choice 2: Help the Magisters

This option is more challenging and less rewarding. If you choose to help the magisters, you will need to sneak around to avoid Hannag. If she spots you, you will be killed instantly. In the first location, it\’s not too difficult to avoid her. However, in the second location, things get trickier. It\’s best to teleport a character to the magisters\’ location.

Prepare for a difficult fight. Hannag will sacrifice herself to create three portals, and Voidwoken will come out of each one. The portals are immune to physical damage, so you will need to use magic to destroy them. If you fail to destroy the portals before the last Voidwoken is released, they will move to a new location, and Hannag will be resurrected as an undead. It\’s best to split your team into mages who can attack the portals and physical warriors who can deal with the Voidwoken.

Another challenge is keeping the magister Knight alive. He only has physical armor, which is useless against the magical attacks of the Voidwoken. If he dies, the quest will end, and you will only get 7,500 experience points.

If you manage to win the battle, speak with the magister to claim your reward.

Reward: 5,000 experience points + 3 guaranteed prizes + 1 of 4 to choose from depending on the character class


1. What is the Window Of Opportunity quest in Reaper\’s Coast?

The Window Of Opportunity is a quest in the Reaper\’s Coast region of the game Divinity: Original Sin 2. In this quest, players must help a character named Mordus by collecting a set of ancient artifacts known as the Swornbreakers. These artifacts are said to be able to break any magical bond, and Mordus believes that they will be the key to his freedom.

2. How do I start the Window Of Opportunity quest in Reaper\’s Coast?

To start the Window Of Opportunity quest, players must first complete the quest \”The Secrets of the Dwarves\” in the Driftwood region. Once this quest is completed, players will receive a letter from a character named Lohar, who will give them information about Mordus and the Swornbreakers. After speaking with Lohar, players can find Mordus in the Caverns area of Reaper\’s Coast and begin the quest.

3. What are the rewards for completing the Window Of Opportunity quest in Reaper\’s Coast?

Completing the Window Of Opportunity quest in Reaper\’s Coast will reward players with a significant amount of experience points, as well as the Swornbreaker weapons. These weapons are incredibly powerful, and can break any magical bond or curse. In addition, players will also gain access to new areas and quests in the game.

4. Are there any tips for completing the Window Of Opportunity quest in Reaper\’s Coast?

Yes, there are several tips that can help players complete the Window Of Opportunity quest in Reaper\’s Coast. First, it is important to gather as much information as possible about Mordus and the Swornbreakers before starting the quest. This can be done by speaking with Lohar and other characters in the game. Second, players should be prepared for a challenging battle at the end of the quest, and should bring strong weapons and spells to the fight. Finally, players should explore all areas of the Caverns to find all of the Swornbreakers and complete the quest successfully.

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