Where to Find Research Parts in Dredge

If you want to advance in Dredge, you need to conduct research to unlock new gear from traders. Research Parts are essential to this process. You can use them to discover new models of rods, nets, and crab traps. Here\’s where to find them and how to use them.

  • How to Get Research Parts?
  • How to Spend Research Parts?

How to Get Research Parts?

You can obtain Research Parts in several ways:

  1. By performing the Dredge action. However, places where you can get just Research Parts are rare. You might get them when obtaining Lumber, Bolt of Cloth, or Metal Scraps.
  2. By purchasing them from the Traveling Merchant, who can be found in every Pontoon location. Keep in mind that they will cost a lot.
  3. By completing Pursuits. Sometimes, you will receive Research Parts as a reward for completing tasks.
  4. By talking to citizens. Some characters might give you Research Parts.

How to Spend Research Parts?

You will spend Research Parts on research, which is available at every dock. Click on the Research icon shown in the picture above to access the research screen.

Research is divided into four types: Rods, Engines, Pots, and Nets. Each category offers different gear.

Once you\’ve selected an item you want to research, left-click and hold the button. Research Parts will be added to the pool. The gear icons below the image determine how many parts are needed to unlock the gear. A researched item automatically becomes available for purchase from merchants.


1. Where can I find Research Parts in Dredge?

In Dredge, Research Parts can be found in a few different ways. One way to obtain Research Parts is by completing quests for NPC characters. Certain quests will reward you with Research Parts upon completion. Another way to find Research Parts is by looting chests and other containers scattered throughout the game world. Make sure to search thoroughly, as Research Parts may be hidden in unexpected places. Lastly, Research Parts can be purchased from vendors using in-game currency. Keep an eye out for vendors who specialize in selling research-related items.

2. How can I increase my chances of finding Research Parts?

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of finding Research Parts in Dredge. First, make sure to explore as much of the game world as possible. The more areas you visit, the more opportunities you will have to find Research Parts. Additionally, completing quests and defeating enemies may increase the chance of finding Research Parts in the loot you receive. Another way to improve your chances is by leveling up your character\’s Perception skill. This skill increases your ability to detect hidden objects and may help you find Research Parts that are hidden from plain sight.

3. Are there any specific areas in Dredge where Research Parts are more likely to be found?

While Research Parts can be found throughout the game world in Dredge, there are a few specific areas where they are more likely to appear. One such area is the abandoned laboratory located in the northern part of the game world. This area is known to contain a large number of Research Parts, as well as other valuable items. Additionally, Research Parts can often be found in the possession of certain enemy types, such as robots and cyborgs. It may be worth focusing your exploration efforts on areas where these enemies are known to appear.

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