What to do with the Black Cat in Divinity Original Sin 2?

A guide and walkthrough for the black cat quest

Are you wondering what to do with the black cat in Divinity Original Sin 2? Look no further! Our guide will help you locate the feline and reveal the biggest secret of the game. You\’ll learn how to save the black cat and what rewards await you for completing the quest.

The black cat quest is shrouded in mystery, but our walkthrough will guide you every step of the way. We\’ll show you where to find the black cat and how to keep it alive as you escort it outside the Fort Joy stronghold to The Hollow Marshes.

  • Who is the black cat?
  • How to save the black cat?
  • Rewards for completing the black cat quest
  • Black cat skills and abilities

Who is the black cat?

Soon after arriving on Fort Joy island, you\’ll meet the black cat. It will approach you and refuse to leave your party, even if you try to talk to it. Despite having the Pet Pal talent, the cat will act aloof and accuse you of following it. Whether it\’s the victim of a Polymorph spell or simply a typical feline, we can\’t say for sure. However, we do know how to complete the quest and what rewards await you for keeping the black cat alive.

How to save the black cat?

The black cat may not be the most cooperative companion, but you must keep it alive to complete the quest. Your objective is to escort the cat out of Fort Joy and into The Hollow Marshes. Be sure to remember these important tips to ensure the cat\’s survival:

on a scouting mission or use it to escape danger. Additionally, the black cat will also bring you good luck, increasing your chances of finding better loot.

Tips for keeping the black cat safe in Divinity: Original Sin 2

  1. Avoid bringing the cat near magisters as they have a strong dislike for felines and may attack it out of spite.
  2. The cat will follow only one party member, so it\’s possible to separate it from the rest of the group to keep it safe. If you need to talk to guards, keep the cat and its keeper at a distance.
  3. During combat, the cat will flee and try to find a safe spot to hide. It moves in real-time and is not affected by turns.
  4. After a fight, the cat may disappear and reappear in a different location. Keep an eye on the map to find it.
  5. Remember to heal the cat as it is vulnerable to environmental and status effects and has low HP.
  6. Avoid fast travel with the cat as it may not be transported with you. It\’s safer to walk to your destination.
  7. If you leave the cat alone, it may disappear. Always bring it with you if possible.

If you manage to escort the black cat to The Hallow Marshes, you\’ll receive a special ability called Black Cat Feline Leap Skill. This skill allows you to summon the black cat in combat and use it to jump and switch places with its owner. Additionally, the cat will bring good luck and increase your chances of finding better loot.

By using the Black Cat in combat, you can teleport your fighter next to an enemy mage, gaining a significant advantage. The cat\’s abilities include Feline Leap, which allows it to jump to higher ground or directly attack an enemy, and Swap Places, which teleports the cat and its owner. The effectiveness of the cat\’s attacks depends on its owner\’s level and Summoning skill, so investing skill points in Summoning can be beneficial for those who frequently use the cat. These skills can be utilized without using your party\’s action points, making them a valuable addition to your arsenal.


1. How do I find the Black Cat in Fort Joy?

The Black Cat can be found in Fort Joy, which is the starting area of Divinity Original Sin 2. It\’s located in the hidden cave called The Hollow Marshes. To reach the cave, you need to use a teleportation pyramid, which can be found on the beach near the starting point. Once you have the pyramid, use it to teleport to the ledge near the cave entrance. The Black Cat is inside the cave.

2. Why should I save the Black Cat?

The Black Cat is not just a regular feline. It\’s a special NPC that can help you in your journey. If you save the cat, it will follow you and provide you with useful hints and tips. It can also reveal hidden treasures and secrets. Additionally, if you have the Pet Pal talent, you can talk to the cat and get more information from it.

3. How do I save the Black Cat from the Necromancer?

To save the Black Cat from the Necromancer, you need to complete the quest called \”The Teleporter\”. This quest involves finding a way to escape Fort Joy. During the quest, you will encounter a Necromancer who has captured the Black Cat. You need to defeat the Necromancer and free the cat. Be careful, as the Necromancer is a tough opponent. Once you defeat him, the Black Cat will be free and will follow you.

4. What happens if I don\’t save the Black Cat?

If you don\’t save the Black Cat, it will be killed by the Necromancer. You will miss out on the benefits of having the cat as an NPC companion, and you will not be able to complete some of the quests that involve the cat. Additionally, the death of the Black Cat will affect the game\’s story and world state, as it\’s one of the important characters in the game.

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