What is the Purpose of Scrap in System Shock Remake?

This guide for System Shock Remake provides helpful tips on how to utilize scrap metal, recycle junk, and use the Recycling Station.

During your exploration of the Citadel space station, you will come across various items that may seem useless to you. However, these items can be converted into scrap, which can be used at the Recycle Station.

  • How can you identify and recycle junk into scrap?
  • How can you use the Recycle Station?

Identifying and Recycling Junk into Scrap

Some of the items you collect will be classified as junk and will serve no functional purpose. It\’s important to recycle these items to clear up space in your inventory.

To recycle junk, select the item in your inventory and right-click. Choose the option to Vaporize, and the item will disappear, replaced by a certain amount of scrap units. The amount of scrap you receive for dismantling the junk is displayed in a table on the right side of the screen.

Scrap only occupies a single slot and can be stacked, so regularly recycling junk can help keep your inventory from becoming too cluttered.

Using the Recycle Station

The Recycle Station is a special location where you can convert scrap into Tri-Credits. These credits can be used to purchase healing items from vending machines around the station.

It\’s important to note that the Recycle Station can process not only scrap, but also junk items. While most junk items are worthless, certain electronics and medical materials can be recycled for a significant amount of credits.

Processing these valuable junk items individually at the Recycle Station is recommended to maximize the amount of credits you receive.

To use the Recycle Station:

  1. Right-click on the station,
  2. Select the items and scrap you wish to recycle on the screen,
  3. Drag them to the fields on the left side of the inventory (using the SHIFT key and left mouse button will automatically move the selected items),

Once you have deposited all items, you can exit the inventory screen and right-click the pulsing green button at the top of the station. The process takes a few seconds, and you will receive credits from the tank on the right side of the device.

Credits are physical objects in the game world that stack up and occupy only one slot in your inventory, just like scrap.

The Recycle Station pays 1 credit for every 10 units of processed scrap. However, it does not provide change, which means that the payment is rounded down and the incomplete stack of scrap is deposited. As the equipment cannot divide the scrap into smaller stacks, the scrap is processed only when the same number of units are collected.


Question 1: What is the Scrap for in System Shock Remake?

The Scrap is an important resource in System Shock Remake. It can be found throughout the game world and can be used to craft various items and upgrades. Players can use Scrap to create ammo, healing items, hacking software, and more. Additionally, Scrap can be used to upgrade weapons and equipment, making them more effective in combat. It\’s important to collect as much Scrap as possible, as it can be difficult to come by in certain areas of the game. Players can also trade Scrap with certain NPCs for other useful items. Overall, Scrap is a valuable resource that is essential for survival in System Shock Remake.

Question 2: How can players obtain Scrap in System Shock Remake?

Players can obtain Scrap in several ways in System Shock Remake. One of the most common ways is by looting it from various containers and enemies throughout the game world. Some enemies drop Scrap when defeated, and players can find it in hidden areas or behind locked doors. Another way to obtain Scrap is by completing quests and objectives, which often reward players with valuable resources. Players can also trade items with certain NPCs to obtain Scrap, or use hacking software to access locked areas where Scrap may be hidden. Overall, the best way to obtain Scrap is to explore the game world thoroughly and be on the lookout for hidden areas and valuable loot.

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