What Are Toasts Used for in MultiVersus?

A Comprehensive Guide to MultiVersus

MultiVersus provides the opportunity to give toasts to other players as a form of reward after a match. This guide will tell you how to acquire toasts and the specific benefits associated with them.

This guide will explain the purpose of toasts in MultiVersus, how to obtain them, and the benefits of giving or receiving them.

  • What Are Toasts Used for?
  • What Benefits Can You Receive for Toasts?
  • How to Obtain Toasts?

What Are Toasts Used for?

Toasts are used to express appreciation, congratulate, or thank an ally or opponent after a match. It is equivalent to saying \”good game\” to another player.

Toast counters can be found in the top right corner of the screen, which shows the number of toasts available. To give a toast to another player, click on the \”give toast\” icon located above their character, provided that you have available toasts to give.

What Benefits Can You Receive for Toasts?

Giving a toast to an ally or opponent does not provide any tangible rewards, but it shows appreciation for their game. However, for each toast given to you, you will receive 20 coins.

How to Obtain Toasts?

There are several ways to obtain toasts. The first is to buy them from the store for 350 coins. However, it is not cost-effective, as you only receive 20 coins for each toast.

The second method is to complete battle pass missions. By reaching a specific level, you can receive a designated number of toasts, which can be obtained from both free and paid passes.

The third option is to reach a certain hero level. By accessing the collection and selecting a character, you can view the level required to obtain toasts.


1. What is MultiVersus Toasts and how does it work?

MultiVersus Toasts is a feature of the MultiVersus platform that allows users to send messages to their friends or other players during gameplay. These messages appear as small pop-up windows that briefly appear on the screen of the recipient. Toasts can be sent to congratulate someone on a good play, to offer encouragement, or just to say hello. Toasts can also be customized with different colors and emojis to add a personal touch to the message.

2. Can Toasts be used to communicate with other players in the game?

No, Toasts are not meant to be a primary communication method in MultiVersus. The feature is intended to be a quick and easy way to send a brief message to someone you are playing with. For more in-depth communication, players can use the chat feature or a third-party voice chat program.

3. Are there any restrictions on what you can say in a Toast?

Yes, MultiVersus has rules and guidelines for what is considered appropriate behavior in-game. Sending offensive or inappropriate messages through Toasts can result in disciplinary action. It is important to remember that while Toasts can be a fun way to interact with other players, they should be used in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner.

4. Can you turn off Toasts if you don\’t want to receive them?

Yes, players have the option to disable Toasts in their settings if they do not wish to receive them. This can be helpful for players who find the messages distracting or who would prefer to communicate through other methods. Disabling Toasts does not affect the rest of the game or any other communication features.

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