What are the different difficulty levels in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

If you\’re playing Resident Evil 4 Remake and wondering which difficulty level to choose, we\’ve got you covered. In this guide, we\’ll explain all the available difficulty levels and their characteristics.

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, players select a difficulty level before starting the game. Here\’s everything you need to know about the different difficulty levels:

  • How many difficulty levels are there?
  • Assisted difficulty level
  • Standard difficulty level
  • Hardcore difficulty level
  • Professional difficulty mode

How many difficulty levels are there?

Initially, the game offers three difficulty levels. After completing the game for the first time, you will unlock access to the fourth, most challenging one. The difficulty levels, from easiest to hardest, are Assisted, Standard, Hardcore, and Professional.

Assisted difficulty level

This is the easiest difficulty level and is recommended for players who are new to action games or prefer to focus on the story. Aim assist is enabled, and creating and acquiring ammunition is made easier. Certain items at the Merchant\’s are cheaper, and your health will slowly restore itself after dropping to a very low level.

Standard difficulty level

This is a medium difficulty level suitable for players who are familiar with action games and expect a balanced challenge. Item prices have a fixed value, and enemies deal normal damage. Health restoration is not automatic in this mode.

If you find this difficulty level too high, you can switch to the lower one, Assisted, after dying. However, you can\’t change to a higher difficulty level once you\’ve selected it.

Hardcore difficulty level

This is a challenging mode in which opponents are tougher and inflict massive damage. Even regular enemies can be a threat, and puzzles are more difficult to solve. Prices in stores for some items are increased.

Choose this mode at your own risk, as you won\’t be able to change it later. It\’s recommended to save ammunition by using weapons such as the knife and Bolt Thrower.

Professional difficulty mode

This is the most difficult mode, available only after completing the game on any difficulty level. It\’s similar to Hardcore mode but has some significant limitations, such as the lack of auto-save. Parrying opponents\’ attacks is much harder, as it has to be executed perfectly with less reaction time.


What are the difficulty levels in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, there are 5 difficulty levels to choose from: Amateur, Normal, Professional, Hell, and Extreme. The Amateur level is the easiest difficulty, designed for players who are new to the game or want a more relaxed experience. Normal is the standard difficulty, offering a balanced challenge for most players. Professional is a more challenging difficulty for players who are experienced with the game. Hell is an even harder difficulty level, with fewer resources available and more challenging enemies. Extreme is the most difficult level, with even fewer resources and the toughest enemies.

What are the differences between the difficulty levels?

The differences between the difficulty levels in Resident Evil 4 Remake include the number and strength of enemies, the amount of ammunition and healing items available, and the complexity of puzzles. The easier difficulties have more resources available and fewer enemies, while the harder difficulties have less resources and more challenging enemies. The puzzles also become more complex on the higher difficulty levels, requiring more thought and exploration to solve.

Can you change the difficulty level during the game?

No, you cannot change the difficulty level during the game in Resident Evil 4 Remake. You must choose your desired difficulty level at the beginning of the game, and you cannot change it until you start a new game. This means that you should choose your difficulty level wisely, based on your experience with the game and your desired level of challenge.

Which difficulty level should I choose for my first playthrough?

If you are new to Resident Evil 4 Remake or the Resident Evil series in general, you may want to start with the Amateur or Normal difficulty level. These levels offer a balanced challenge and give you more resources to work with, allowing you to learn the mechanics of the game without too much frustration. If you are an experienced player or want a greater challenge, you may want to start with Professional or Hell difficulty. Extreme difficulty is recommended only for the most skilled and dedicated players, as it offers a very challenging and unforgiving experience.

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