Weird West: Can You Increase Your Inventory?

Learn about inventory expansion and storage options in Weird West with this guide and tips.

Find out if it\’s possible to increase your inventory in Weird West and discover alternative ways to store your items with this guide.

Each character in the game has limited inventory space, which means you may need to visit traders or leave some loot behind. Although inventory expansion is not possible in Weird West, there are other solutions:

  • Saddlebags
  • Bank vaults
  • Followers


Purchase a horse in Weird West to reduce your travel time and gain saddlebags for additional storage space. Any items left in the saddlebags will be transferred to your next character.

Note that you will need to buy another horse after changing characters.

Bank Vaults

After reaching the first town in Weird West, you can purchase a bank vault to store extra items.

All of your characters have access to the vault.


Recruit followers to gain companionship and combat support. Your followers can also carry items for you, making them a helpful storage option.


What is Weird West?

Weird West is a subgenre of western fiction that blends elements of traditional westerns with supernatural or science fiction elements. The stories are often set in the American Old West, but with the addition of mythical creatures, paranormal activities, and advanced technology that wouldn\’t have existed during that time period. The Weird West genre has gained popularity in recent years through various forms of media, including books, movies, TV shows, and video games.

What is Inventory in Weird West?

Inventory in Weird West refers to the items that the player character collects and carries with them throughout the game. These items can include weapons, ammo, healing items, and other useful tools. As the player progresses through the game, they will encounter tougher enemies and challenges, requiring them to upgrade their inventory to keep up with the difficulty level. Inventory management is a crucial aspect of gameplay in Weird West, as players must choose which items to carry and which to leave behind, balancing their needs with their available space.

Can you expand your inventory in Weird West?

Yes, it is possible to expand your inventory in Weird West. Players can find or purchase upgrade items that increase the amount of space available in their inventory. These upgrades can be applied to specific types of items, such as weapons or healing items, or to overall inventory space. It\’s important to note, however, that upgrading inventory space does come with a cost, as it often requires the player to spend valuable resources or money. Therefore, players must weigh the benefits of expanded inventory space against the potential costs and make strategic decisions about how to best manage their resources.

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