Walkthrough of the Bar Scene in Life is Strange True Colors

This is a guide for Life is Strange 3 and on this page, you will find a detailed walkthrough of the 5th part of Chapter 1. This part of the game takes place in a bar where you\’ll meet some customers and serve them.

In the bar, you\’ll meet various characters such as Charlotte, Jed, Steph, Duckie and Diane, Cleaning and Mac, and Pike. You\’ll get to interact with them and learn more about their stories.

Meeting Charlotte

You\’ll meet Charlotte outside the apartment. She is your brother\’s partner and wants to get to know you. During the conversation, you\’ll hear about Gabe and Ethan. Charlotte will ask about Alex\’s tattoo, and you\’ll have to choose between \”Falling\” or \”Rising\”, which won\’t affect the relationship between the characters.

Jed\’s Task

Jed will start a conversation with you by the bar and will give you a small task to serve the customers.

Interacting with Steph

Steph is sitting by the door, and you\’ve met her before at the vinyl store. You can ask her a few questions and play a game with her where you\’ll need to guess which song she\’s talking about.

Serving Duckie and Diane

Duckie and Diane will give you their order after a short conversation. You\’ll need to order a \”Cheeseburger with mushrooms\” and a \”Pie special with fries\” from Jed.

Cleaning and Mac\’s Story

Mac is sitting next to the table with the bottles on it, and he\’s scared. When you go to get the bottles, he\’ll want to talk to you. You can choose how you want to lead the conversation, and he won\’t leave you alone until Riley arrives.

Once Riley shows up, you\’ll have an important choice to make, and its consequences are described on a separate page of the guide.


Once you finish talking to your nervous new friend, Pike will make an appearance. He will frighten you with talk of a brawl that occurred, but it is just a prank. Pike is actually friends with Alex\’s sibling.

Searching for Whiskey

Time to scour the area for liquor. Ascend the staircase to enter the apartment.

You can promptly approach the hearth, where a few bottles are situated on top, but they will not contain the one you seek.

You will find the correct bottle on the couch. Thoroughly rummage through it to discover the alcohol.

Return to the guests while holding the bottle. You can share a drink with them. Do not fret about being on the job or the possibility that Alex may have already imbibed with Steph earlier.

Wrapping up Work

Your final task is to talk to Jed and inform him that you have finished your assignment. Your sibling will arrive and take you away for a lengthy discussion.


What is the Bar in Life is Strange True Colors?

The Bar is a location in the game Life is Strange True Colors where the main character, Alex, can go to hang out with friends, play pool, and interact with the other characters. It is a popular spot in the small town of Haven Springs and is often visited by locals and tourists alike. The Bar is also an important location for advancing the storyline and completing certain quests.

How do I find the Bar in Life is Strange True Colors?

To find the Bar in Life is Strange True Colors, you need to explore Haven Springs. The Bar is located on the main street of the town and is marked by a neon sign that says \”The Black Lantern.\” You can also use the map feature in the game to help you navigate to the Bar. Once you arrive, you will be able to enter the Bar and interact with the characters inside.

What activities can I do at the Bar in Life is Strange True Colors?

At the Bar in Life is Strange True Colors, you can play pool with friends, order drinks from the bartender, and talk to the other characters in the game. The Bar is also a location for completing certain quests and advancing the storyline. Throughout the game, you may also encounter live music performances at the Bar, which can provide a unique and immersive experience. Overall, the Bar is an important location in the game and offers a variety of activities for the player to enjoy.

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