Walkthrough for The Mediums First Escape Stage

This is a guide for the 7th stage of The Medium called First Escape. We\’ve included a walkthrough of all the necessary actions you need to take to survive and complete this part of the game. The objective of this stage is to escape, so there are no hidden secrets to uncover.

Although the escape is relatively straightforward, you must keep moving without stopping. Your pursuer will take advantage of any hesitation on your part.

As you flee, moths will attack you, but you cannot fight back. Just follow the designated path until you reach the light source.

If you die, you will respawn at the beginning of the escape, so don\’t worry too much about dying.

You will eventually come across a hole you must jump into. The light emanating from it will help you see your way forward.

Once you reach the light source, the monster will stop chasing you. Take a moment to catch your breath and replenish your energy for the next parts of your mission.

The next part involves sneaking. Be cautious not to alert the monster, and pay attention to your every move.

Avoid bumping into obstacles or making loud noises.

Wait until the monster moves away, then follow it from behind. As long as you remain quiet, it won\’t turn around and attack you.

Keep moving forward steadily, taking cover periodically if you need to catch your breath.

At some point, the monster will appear directly in front of you. Hold your breath and remain still. This will keep you from attracting its attention.

As you continue moving forward, make use of any available cover. Take breaks as necessary to avoid falling into the monster\’s grasp and repeating the whole sequence.

When you spot a light, approach it carefully. Be aware that the monster may be lurking in the area. Wait until it moves away before proceeding.

Replenish your energy and press on. You\’re safe here, so take a break if you need one.

Use the energy you\’ve gathered to create a spirit shield and pass through the moths.

As you progress further, you\’ll encounter an unstable floor.

Try walking on the wall, but unfortunately, you\’ll fall into the abyss. There\’s no way to avoid it.


What is The Medium: First Escape?

The Medium: First Escape is a horror game that follows the story of Marianne, a medium who has the ability to communicate with the dead. In the game, players must guide Marianne through an abandoned resort, solving puzzles and uncovering the dark secrets of the past.

How do I play The Medium: First Escape?

To play The Medium: First Escape, you will need to have a PC or an Xbox Series X/S. The game can be purchased from the Microsoft Store or through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Once you have the game, simply follow the on-screen instructions to control Marianne and progress through the story.

What are some tips for playing The Medium: First Escape?

One tip for playing The Medium: First Escape is to pay close attention to Marianne\’s abilities as a medium. Her ability to interact with the spirit world can provide valuable clues and insights for solving puzzles and progressing through the game. Additionally, it\’s important to explore every area thoroughly and investigate all objects and clues to uncover hidden secrets.

Is The Medium: First Escape a scary game?

Yes, The Medium: First Escape is a horror game and can be quite scary at times. The game features a dark and unsettling atmosphere, with eerie sound effects and jump scares that are sure to keep players on edge. However, the game also has a compelling story and interesting gameplay mechanics, making it a must-play for horror fans.

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