Walkthrough for GTA 5 ending C – The Third Way

This guide for Grand Theft Auto V provides a walkthrough for the ending C – The Third Way. It explains how to keep all three main characters alive and eliminate Stretch, Steve Haines, Wei Cheng, and Devin Weston.

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  • Ending 3 – The Third Way general information
  • Ending C – The Third Way full walkthrough
  • Rewards and challenges for ending 3 – The Third Way

Ending 3 – The Third Way general information

To unlock variant C, meet Devin Weston (Finale – introduction) and select it.

Playable characters: Franklin, Michael, Trevor

The mission for variant C is the longest and most difficult. You\’ll face a challenging battle in the foundry, followed by eliminating Stretch, Steve Haines, Wei Cheng, and Devin Weston.

Before beginning the mission, equip all protagonists with armor, and ensure Trevor has a sniper rifle and Franklin has sticky bombs.

Ending C – The Third Way full walkthrough

As Franklin, listen to Lester\’s conversation, then head to his house in El Burro Heights. Watch the discussion about Franklin\’s situation.

After leaving the house, wait for Franklin to contact Lamar. Go to Lamar\’s house, then head to the foundry in Murrieta Heights. Meet Michael and Trevor there.

In a major battle with FIB task force and Merryweather mercenaries, you can switch between the protagonists. Franklin starts on an upper balcony, while Michael has a heavy sniper rifle. Consider using a different scoped weapon for Michael.

Eliminate all targets to complete the mission.

Trevor\’s usual spot

Initially, Trevor will occupy a small roof above the entrance to the foundry, which is an excellent location to ambush the enemies below him. He typically uses a heavy machine gun, which is compatible with Trevor\’s fry mode, so it is recommended to stick with it.

Beware of enemies on the upper balconies

The enemies will initially appear on the lowest level of the foundry, but there will also be Merryweather mercenary groups on the balconies above. It is best to take them out with well-aimed shots from a scoped weapon when they are at the balustrades.

Team up with Lamar to defeat the enemies

Keep fighting until Lamar requests your assistance in fighting off the enemies outside the foundry. Clear the area of the nearest enemies with Franklin\’s help before proceeding. Take cover and shoot at the enemy forces, being mindful of enemies hiding behind cars and those on the balconies above.

Trevor hiding behind a wall

Eventually, you will lose contact with Trevor. Switch to Michael and clear the enemies on the lowest level of the foundry before jumping over the balustrade to where Trevor used to be. This is where you\’ll find Trevor hiding behind a wall on the lower level. Join him and eliminate the remaining enemies.

Fight in the open and watch out for the chopper

Once all the enemies are defeated, exit the building with Michael or Trevor. Franklin will also become available to play at this point. Use cover and look for opportunities to blow up cars. You\’ll also need to take care of the hostile chopper either by shooting it down yourself or waiting for your allies to deal with it.

The meeting point

Finally, eliminate all the FIB employees and Merryweather mercenaries who attacked the foundry. Go to the foundry\’s cargo bay with your current character to trigger a cutscene discussing the next part of the mission. The protagonists will need to go to separate locations to take out three key targets: Michael will kill Stretch, Trevor will deal with Steve Haines, and Franklin with Wei Cheng.

My suggestion is to start with Michael since his target (Stretch) is located closest to the foundry in the Strawberry district. Once you arrive, exit the car and shoot the gangsters accompanying Stretch. However, avoid shooting Stretch himself to complete the mission in 100%. The best way to defeat Stretch is to catch up with him and fight him in melee combat. After defeating him, get back to the car and escape. You can either try to outrun the Ballas chasing you or shoot the driver to get rid of them.

Next, switch to Trevor. Steve Haines is being interviewed on the Ferris wheel at Del Perro promenade. Stop at a distance where you have a clear view of the Ferris wheel and use a sniper rifle to shoot Haines on the head to complete the mission in 100%. Quickly leave the area and evade the police pursuit.

Now, switch to Franklin who needs to go to the Pacific Bluffs club in the North-West. Throw a sticky bomb at We Cheng\’s limo and detonate it to complete the mission in 100%. Eliminate the driver of the vehicle chasing you to shake off the pursuit.

During the final phase of the mission, Trevor has to abduct Devin Weston from his villa in Tongva Hills. Use a suppressed weapon to avoid raising the alarm and sneak around the estate until you reach a balcony where Devin is hiding in a container.

To reach Devin, jump over the hedge to the left of the main gate and continue through the estate. Even if the bodyguards notice Trevor, there won\’t be any negative consequences. Devin is hiding in a container on a large balcony.

To complete this mission, begin by watching the cutscene and waiting for Trevor to get into the car with the abducted Weston. Drive towards the beauty spot located in the North-Western part of the map, near the Sonar Collections dock. Finally, push down the car with Devin inside by leaning the analog stick up.

Completion Rewards and Challenges for Ending 3 – The Third Way

Upon completing the mission, you will receive a psychological profile prepared by Dr. Friedlander and cash for the most recent heist. The amount of money received depends on the pay of the hired accomplices and each protagonist will receive the same amount.

To complete the mission with a 100% rating, you must meet several requirements. These include killing 20 enemies by shooting them in the head, completing the mission with at least 70% accuracy, and finishing the mission within 21 minutes and 30 seconds. This is challenging as the mission consists of multiple parts and you can only attempt to complete some of them quickly. For example, during the fight in the foundry, use the best weapons available and switch to those of the protagonists that work best in a given situation. Also, try to reach Devin Weston as quickly as possible and take the shortest route to the Sonar Collections dock to save time. Lastly, you must kill Wei Chang using the sticky bomb, kill Steve Haines by shooting him in the head, and defeat Stretch in a melee fight.


1. What is \”The Third Way\” ending in GTA 5?

\”The Third Way\” is one of the three possible endings in the popular video game GTA 5. It involves Michael, Franklin, and Trevor teaming up to take down their enemies and secure their freedom. This ending is considered the canon ending, as it ties up loose ends and allows players to see the consequences of their choices throughout the game.

2. How do I trigger \”The Third Way\” ending in GTA 5?

To trigger \”The Third Way\” ending, players must complete certain missions and make specific choices throughout the game. One key requirement is completing the mission \”The Big Score\” with a certain approach. Additionally, players must have a positive relationship with all three main characters and complete certain side missions and activities. Following these steps will lead to the option to choose \”The Third Way\” as the final mission.

3. What are the consequences of choosing \”The Third Way\” ending in GTA 5?

4. Are there any alternative endings to GTA 5?

Yes, there are two alternative endings to GTA 5, known as \”Option A\” and \”Option B.\” These endings involve different choices and outcomes for the game\’s characters and story. While \”The Third Way\” is considered the canon ending, players may choose to explore the other options to see how their choices impact the game\’s world and characters.

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