Walkthrough for Fake Friend Quest in My Time at Sandrock

Here\’s a guide for the Fake Friend quest in My Time at Sandrock.

Cooper is a popular Yakmel rancher in the game. In this mission, he requests your assistance in constructing an artificial animal to enhance the beauty of the ranch. Before proceeding with the task, you\’ll have to visit Qi to plan out an appropriate strategy.

This page provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the Fake Friend side quest. You\’ll be helping Cooper build an artificial Yakmel to prevent the herd from wandering away from the grazing area. We\’ll tell you how to construct the fake animal and where to find the necessary materials.

Quest time limit: none

Reward: 120 EXP, 30 Gols, 5 Relationship with Arvio

  • Starting the quest
  • Ask Qi
  • Wait for Diagram
  • Assemble and Install

Starting the quest

You can only begin this quest after you\’ve completed Cooper\’s previous missions, which include Keeping Up With the Yakmels and Ranch Part-time Work. Head over to the stable at Wandering Y Ranch and speak with Cooper. He\’ll be chatty, so listen to him patiently. When he asks you to create an artificial Yakmel, agree to help.

Ask Qi

You\’ll need a diagram for the Fake Yakmel. Qi is the person to contact for this task. Go to the Research Center near Mi-an\’s Home and request the diagram from Qi. You\’ll need 5 Data Discs to create the diagram, which you probably possess. If not, go to Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins to get a few.

Wait for Diagram

You\’ll have to wait a day for the diagram to be ready. In the meantime, you can complete other activities to pass the time. If you constructed the Stage Support instead of the Stage Backdrop during The Show Must Go On quest, go to the Commerce Guild and buy the blueprint for the Copper Loudspeaker. The next day, you\’ll receive the complete diagram in your mailbox.

Assemble and Install

Go to the Assembly Station and select the Fake Yakmel diagram. The following materials are required to construct the artificial animal:

  1. Basic Leather x4 – can be crafted with the Worktable using 12 Raw Animal Skins (which can be crafted at the Worktable with Damaged Animal Pelt) and 4 Sea Salts in total (which can be purchased at the Blue Moon To-Go and the By The Stairs store for 8 Gols per item). Basic Leather can also be purchased at the Tailor Made store for 32 Gols.
  2. Copper Stick x2 – can be crafted with the Processor using 4 Copper Bars in total (which can be smelted in the Furnace).
  3. Wooden Boards x2 – can be crafted with the Processor using 8 Wood in total, which can be obtained by cutting down Deadwood and nearby shrubs.
  4. Copper Loudspeaker x2 – can be crafted with the Worktable using 6 Bronze Bars in total (which can be smelted in the Furnace) and 2 Old Parts (which can be found in the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins while digging).
  5. Engine – can be found in the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins with the scanner.

Once you\’ve gathered all the materials, use them on the Fake Yakmel diagram and take the finished construction with you.

The task is to place the Fake Yakmel on the hill near the stable. You can easily locate the spot by following the quest marker. Once you have installed the Fake Yakmel, Cooper will appreciate your efforts and invite you to a family dinner. This will mark the completion of the quest.


What is My Time at Sandrock: Fake Friend?

My Time at Sandrock: Fake Friend is an expansion pack for the popular simulation game My Time at Sandrock. It is a story-focused DLC that adds new characters, quests, and events to the game. The expansion revolves around the character of a fake friend who has been manipulating the player and other characters in the game. The player has to uncover the truth behind the fake friend\’s actions and decide how to deal with them.

How do I play My Time at Sandrock: Fake Friend?

In order to play My Time at Sandrock: Fake Friend, you need to have the base game My Time at Sandrock installed on your computer. Once you have the base game, you can purchase and download the expansion pack from the game\’s official website or from the Steam store. After you have installed the expansion pack, you can start a new game or continue an existing one and the new content will be integrated into the game. To progress through the story and complete quests related to the fake friend, you need to interact with other characters in the game and explore the world of Sandrock.

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