Walkthrough for Cover My Glass Mission in My Time at Sandrock

This guide is for My Time at Sandrock and it is a walkthrough for the Cover My Glass mission. In this mission, you will help Yan fix the train windows that were destroyed by Logan, who is the most wanted criminal in the game.

This page will provide a step-by-step guide to complete the main quest, Cover My Glass, and restore the train\’s windows. Once you complete this mission, people can travel on the train without any problems.

Quest time limit: 2 days

Reward: 330 EXP, 200 Gols, 15 Reputation

  • Starting the quest
  • Prepare Materials
  • Repair the Window
  • Talk to Yan

Starting the quest

The mission is available after the first sandstorm, and you\’ve introduced yourself to Justice. You\’ll find Yan on the west side of town, on the railroad tracks. When you start a new day, you will see a cut-scene featuring Logan, who has attacked again.

Walk towards the group of people to listen to a conversation about Logan\’s return. Then head to the train station and talk to Yan, who will ask you to repair the broken windows.

Prepare Materials

The first step is to prepare 10 pieces of Glass. You will need a total of 40 Dinas to craft the glass with the Furnace. The quickest way to get these materials is to break the nearby Gravel.

Repair the Window

Once you have produced enough Glass, head almost to the very beginning of the train and use the materials to repair the glass.

Talk to Yan

To complete the task, return to Yan, who is waiting outside the building next to Tailor Made, and tell him about the finished repairs. He will thank you and give you your reward. This marks the end of the quest.


What is My Time at Sandrock: Cover My Glass?

My Time at Sandrock: Cover My Glass is a video game expansion for the popular simulation game My Time at Sandrock. The expansion adds new features, quests, and characters to the game, and focuses on the story of a mysterious glass object that has the power to protect the city from disasters.

How do I access the Cover My Glass expansion?

To access the Cover My Glass expansion, you must first have the base game My Time at Sandrock installed on your computer. Once you have the game installed, you can purchase the expansion on the game\’s official website or on a digital storefront such as Steam. After purchasing the expansion, it will automatically be installed and integrated into the base game.

What new features and quests are included in Cover My Glass?

Cover My Glass adds several new features to My Time at Sandrock, including new buildings, crops, and animals. The expansion also introduces new characters, including a mysterious glass maker and a group of treasure hunters. Players will embark on a new questline to uncover the secrets behind the glass object and protect Sandrock from a new disaster threat.

Do I need to complete the base game before playing Cover My Glass?

While it is not strictly necessary to complete the base game before playing Cover My Glass, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of the game\’s mechanics and storyline. Additionally, some features and quests in Cover My Glass may require progress in the base game to unlock. If you are a new player to My Time at Sandrock, it may be beneficial to complete the base game first before diving into the expansion.

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