Walkthrough for Chapter 8 of The Quarry

This guide will provide a walkthrough for Chapter 8 of The Quarry, including instructions on completing quests and achieving the Chapter 8 accomplishment.

On this page, you will find a detailed walkthrough for Chapter 8 of The Quarry. Follow these instructions to complete this section of the game and earn the Chapter 8 accomplishment.

  • Ryan
  • Laura
  • Kaitlyn
  • Ryan


Upon completing Laura\’s story, you will take control of Ryan. You can either trust the woman or express your opinion openly.


Despite Ryan\’s disagreement, he and Laura will end up in the quarry. While there, you may discover secrets such as proof of Scarred Flesh, The Lovers tarot card, the Wheel of Fortune, and clues like the Old Quarry Tools and the Miner\’s Lunchbox.

It\’s important to note that no one can get hurt in the quarry.


As Kaitlyn, you will encounter Emma (if she is still alive). When communicating with your friends, you can improve your relationship with Dylan by requesting his help. If Abigail and Emma are alive, they will remain in the basement.


Next, you will once again control Ryan and Laura as they explore the Hackett\’s house\’s basement. You will discover the Rum Still clue, as well as The Empress and The Emperor tarot cards.

In the basement\’s cage area, you must prevent Laura from shooting the werewolf if you don\’t want Nick to die. To save Jacob, you must properly disable the switches: first 1 and 2, then 1 and 4. Regardless of your choices, Laura will still end up with the Hackett family members upstairs.


1. What is The Quarry: Chapter 8?

The Quarry: Chapter 8 is a video game that belongs to the horror genre. It is the eighth chapter of the game and is known for its challenging gameplay and immersive storyline. The game is set in a quarry, where the protagonist, a young girl named Lillian, is trying to uncover the dark secrets of the place. The game is full of puzzles, obstacles, and enemies that the player needs to overcome to progress through the story. The game has gained a lot of popularity for its eerie atmosphere and intriguing plot.

2. How do I complete Chapter 8 of The Quarry?

To complete Chapter 8 of The Quarry, you need to solve various puzzles and overcome obstacles that come your way. The game is designed to be challenging, so it\’s essential to pay attention to the details and think critically. The game has a lot of hidden secrets and clues that you need to discover to progress through the story. It\’s also essential to manage your resources carefully, as you need to conserve them to survive the game\’s enemies. The game\’s final boss battle is particularly challenging, so it\’s essential to be well-prepared before taking it on.

3. What are some tips for playing The Quarry: Chapter 8?

Playing The Quarry: Chapter 8 can be challenging, so here are some tips to help you through the game. Firstly, pay attention to the environment and look for clues that can help you progress through the game. Secondly, manage your resources carefully, as you need them to survive the game\’s enemies. Thirdly, be patient and take your time to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Rushing can lead to mistakes and errors, which can be fatal in the game. Finally, practice your combat skills to prepare for the game\’s final boss battle.

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