Volga Side Missions in Metro Exodus – Step-by-Step Guide

Get the most out of your Metro Exodus gameplay experience with our guide and walkthrough.

Aside from your main missions, there are also several side missions in Metro Exodus. Completing them can earn you additional items that will make your gameplay easier.

Rescuing Prisoners

While exploring Volga, you will come across an abandoned building where slaves are being kept. Your objective is to save them.

To enter the building, you must make your way to the top of the stairs quietly.

Once you reach the top, you will find an open passage. Enter it carefully and quietly. You will immediately see an opponent sleeping. Sneak up on him and stun him to keep him out of the fight.

Carefully make your way down the stairs. Be aware that a dog is waiting for you at the bottom and you must eliminate it quickly to avoid alerting the other enemies.

To release the prisoners, you must eliminate all of the enemies in the room.

The prisoners will not leave their cell until all enemies have been taken care of.

Once you have cleared the location, approach the slaves and open their cell. They will thank you for their release and give you a key in return.


What are the Volga Side Missions in Metro Exodus?

The Volga Side Missions are a series of optional quests that players can undertake while exploring the Volga region in Metro Exodus. These missions offer players the chance to explore the world of the game in more depth and to interact with the local people. The missions involve tasks such as finding lost items, helping villagers, and hunting dangerous beasts. Completing these missions can earn players valuable resources and upgrades for their weapons and gear.

How do I access the Volga Side Missions in Metro Exodus?

To access the Volga Side Missions, players must first reach the Volga region in the game\’s story mode. Once they have arrived in the region, they can explore the area and speak to the local people to learn about the available missions. Many of the missions will become available as players progress through the story, while others may require specific actions or items to trigger.

What rewards can I earn from completing the Volga Side Missions in Metro Exodus?

Completing the Volga Side Missions can earn players a variety of rewards, including valuable resources, weapon upgrades, and gear enhancements. Some missions may also offer unique items, such as collectibles or special weapons, that cannot be found elsewhere in the game. Additionally, completing these missions can help players to gain new skills and abilities that will be useful in their journey through the game\’s story mode.

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