Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie: GTA 5 Walkthrough Guide

This guide provides a walkthrough for the mission \”Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie\” in GTA 5.

Availability: Trevor

Location: This mission is available after completing the Nigel and Mrs Thornhill mission. While exploring Los Santos, you may notice a red circle displayed in the above screenshot, which will direct you to the club located in the West Vinewood district.

The Entourage

Upon arriving, enter the venue location where a Love Fist gig is scheduled. Go to the upper floor and listen to the conversations of the entourage of the rock band, as this is necessary to complete the mission in full.

Perform Dodges to Avoid Damage

After listening to the conversations, go downstairs and start a fight with Willy, one of the members of the band. During the fight, perform dodges and attack Willy until he falls to the ground. Pick up his gold tooth and leave the club, but be prepared to lose a two-star police pursuit. Once you escape from the chase, wait for Trevor to contact Nigel.

Rewards: None

Requirements for completing the mission in 100%:

  • Fist Fury – You cannot take any damage from the fist fight with Willy.
  • Entourage – You need to listen to the conversations of Willy\’s entourage.


What is Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie?

Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie is a mission in the Grand Theft Auto V video game. The mission is available for players who have completed the Vinewood Souvenirs – Mark and Al Di Napoli missions, and have also completed the main story mission \”The Big Score.\” The mission involves Trevor Philips tracking down a former Vinewood actor named Willie McTavish, who has become a recluse and lives in a remote area of the countryside. Trevor is tasked with stealing Willie\’s Golden Tooth, which is a valuable souvenir from his acting days.

How do you complete the Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie mission?

To complete the Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie mission, players must first locate Willie\’s house in the countryside. Once there, players can use stealth to sneak into the house and steal Willie\’s Golden Tooth. Alternatively, players can choose to confront Willie and try to convince him to part with the tooth. However, this option may result in a violent confrontation with Willie\’s guard dogs. Once the tooth is obtained, players can return it to the Vinewood Souvenirs store for a cash reward. The mission is relatively short, but can be challenging due to the difficulty of getting into Willie\’s house undetected.

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