Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler

This is a guide for GTA 5 walkthrough

Who can play: Trevor

Location: This mission becomes available after completing Nigel and Mrs Thornhill. You will find an orange circle while exploring Los Santos, which will direct you to Tyler Dixon\’s estate in the Rockford Hills district.

The gardener

Drive up to the main gate and locate the place where the wall is lower, to the left of the gate. Climb over the wall there and sneak up on the gardener standing near the van parked on the driveway.

Run around the house from the right, jump over the two other walls and reach the swimming pool where Tyler and a woman are present. If you want to complete this mission in 100%, you need to remain undetected. Wait for Tyler to walk out of the pool and start calculating calories, then steal his clothes. Retreat to the point where you waited for the celebrity\’s move and leave the estate. (Note – If you are spotted by Tyler or kill him, you will have to lose a two-star police pursuit!). Contact Nigel after this.

Rewards: None

Requirements for 100% completion:

  • Weed Killer – Attack the gardener by surprise at Tyler\’s estate.
  • Pilferer – Steal Tyler\’s clothes without being detected.


What is Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler?

Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler is a side mission in the video game Grand Theft Auto V. It involves the main character, Trevor, collecting various items belonging to former Vinewood actor, Tyler Dixon, who has fallen on hard times. The items are sold to a wealthy collector who is willing to pay a high price for them.

Where can I find Tyler Dixon\’s items?

Tyler Dixon\’s items can be found in various locations throughout the game, including his house in Vinewood Hills, his car which is parked in a nearby parking lot, and a storage unit that he rents. The player must use their detective skills to track down these items and steal them without being caught by the police or Tyler himself.

What is the reward for completing Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler?

The reward for completing Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler is $10,000. Additionally, the player will unlock a new random event where they can help Tyler Dixon find his stolen car, which will also reward them with money and a small increase in their driving skill.

Can Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler be replayed?

Yes, Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler can be replayed by selecting the mission from Trevor\’s trailer. However, the reward for completing the mission will be reduced to $5,000 on subsequent playthroughs.

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