VEGA Central Processing | Secrets

This guide for Doom includes information on Data Logs, Collectibles, Rune Trials, Elite Guards, Argent Cells, Secrets, and Classic Map for the VEGA Central Processing level.

Below is a detailed description of all the secrets available in VEGA Central Processing. These include Automap, Data Logs, Elite Guards, Collectibles, and Classic Map.

  • Data Log #1 and Elite Guard #1
  • Collectible #1
  • Automap
  • Data Log #2
  • Elite Guard #2 and Classic Map
  • Collectible #2
  • Data Log #3
  • Elite Guard #3
  • Data Log #4

Data Log #1 and Elite Guard #1

As soon as you start the level, enter the room ahead and pick up the Data Log located next to the computer. On the right side, you will find an Elite Guard.

Collectible #1

After finding the Guard, climb the wall blocking the passage. You can go left, but it is more beneficial to take the path up and to the right.

By climbing the runes, you should reach a door that leads to a narrow tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel is BFG ammunition. Halfway through, there is a passage in the building and a collectible (Quakeguy).


You will find the Automap in the room with the blue door.

Data Log #2

The Data Log is located in the room with the hatch that leads to the blue key.

Elite Guard #2 and Classic Map

Once you obtain the blue key, open all the blue doors located next to each other. Behind one of them, you will find an Elite Guard.

There is also a hole with Mega Health.

But before jumping down, use the lever hidden behind the chests on the right.

It will unlock a Classic Map located in the corridor with the owner of the blue key.

Collectible #2

After jumping into the hole with Mega Health, you will land in a ventilation shaft. Go to the right edge and jump onto the similar shaft below. The second collectible (Jungleguy) can be found there.

Data Log #3

Another Data Log is located in the middle of the room with the cooling system.

Elite Guard #3

The last Elite Guard is located under the platform that takes you to VEGA core.

Data Log #4

The last Data Log can be found at the end of the level, just before you overload the core.


1. What is VEGA Central Processing?

VEGA Central Processing is a fictional organization in the video game series Mass Effect. It is a government agency responsible for the development and distribution of advanced technology for use in space exploration, military operations, and civilian life. VEGA Central Processing is also the name of the headquarters for the organization, located on the planet Mars in the game\’s universe.

2. How does VEGA Central Processing play a role in the Mass Effect series?

VEGA Central Processing plays a significant role in the Mass Effect series as it is the organization responsible for the development and distribution of much of the advanced technology featured in the games. The organization is also integral to the plot of the game Mass Effect 3, where the player must infiltrate the VEGA Central Processing headquarters on Mars to retrieve crucial data and technology needed to defeat the game\’s main antagonist.

3. Are there any secrets related to VEGA Central Processing?

As a fictional organization, there are no real secrets related to VEGA Central Processing. However, in the Mass Effect series, there are various plot twists and revelations related to the organization and its members. Without giving away spoilers, it can be said that the organization is not always what it seems, and the player must navigate various political and ethical dilemmas related to VEGA Central Processing throughout the series.

4. Is there any real-life technology or organization that is similar to VEGA Central Processing?

There is no real-life organization that is directly analogous to VEGA Central Processing, as it is a fictional creation. However, the organization\’s focus on the development and distribution of advanced technology for space exploration and military operations is similar to real-life organizations such as NASA and the US Department of Defense. Additionally, the concept of a secretive, powerful organization with its own agenda and goals is a common trope in science fiction and has been explored in various media throughout the years.

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