Vampyr Walkthrough: The Sad Saint of The East End

This Vampyr guide will help you navigate through the mission \”The Sad Saint of The East End.\”

Jonathan heads to the docks to find Hampton in this chapter. Follow the steps below to complete the mission.

  1. Head west from the Pembroke Hospital towards the marker to reach the docks. You will face a few enemies, but they aren\’t too difficult.
  2. Once you reach the gate to the first part of the docks, speak to the inhabitants to learn about Tom Watts. Head to him and you\’ll see a few people examining corpses.
  3. Go to the pub and talk to Tom Watts. Ask him about the priest and he\’ll provide directions. You can also accept investigations from a group of inhabitants if you wish.

  1. Proceed to the indicated location and enter the warehouse. You\’ll encounter a boss – Jimmy \”The Spark\” Barlow.
  2. He\’s an easy opponent – just avoid his flamethrower and attack from the sides.
  3. Minor level-13 enemies will make things slightly more challenging. However, killing them is pointless as they respawn quickly.
  4. Focus on the boss and kill the minor enemies near Jimmy when they come into range. Area-of-effect skills can also be useful.

  1. Continue to another marker, fighting minor enemies along the way. Eventually, you\’ll reach another part of the docks where you\’ll find more inhabitants.
  2. Visit Sean Hampton\’s hideout and talk to him. He\’ll direct you to the sewers, which will conclude the mission.


What is The Sad Saint of The East End?

The Sad Saint of The East End is a side quest in the action role-playing game Vampyr. This quest is available after completing the main storyline quest \”Awakening\” and requires the player to explore the East End district of London. The quest revolves around a nun named Sister Eugenie, who is trying to help the sick and poor people of the district. However, she is being held captive by a group of vampire hunters, and it\’s up to the player to rescue her.

How do I complete The Sad Saint of The East End quest?

To complete The Sad Saint of The East End quest, the player needs to find Sister Eugenie\’s location by talking to the people in the district. Once the player finds her location, they need to fight off the vampire hunters and free her. After freeing Sister Eugenie, the player needs to escort her to the hospital where she will continue her work. The quest rewards the player with experience points and items, including the Saint Paul\’s Stole, a unique item that increases the player\’s stamina and blood absorption rate.

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