Vampyr Walkthrough: Take Me to the Hospital

This guide is for the Vampyr game and will take you through the mission \”Take Me to the Hospital\”. In this mission, Jonathan arrives at a hospital and is faced with a difficult choice – succumb to his blood lust or help those in need.

  1. Head towards the fighting men and the screen will turn red as Jonathan\’s lust increases. Engage in conversation with Clay Cox and hypnotize him.
  2. Follow the blood trail to a secluded area where you must make a crucial decision that will alter the story and ending. Choose to drink Clay\’s blood for a significant XP boost or let him go.
  3. Keep in mind that obtaining clues won\’t increase XP for characters whose blood you consume. You can hunt Clay down later when he\’s a more valuable target. Practice restraint!

  1. After making your decision, proceed to the hospital and meet Dorothy Crane. Talk to her about the hospital and its residents to gather clues.
  2. Visit the first floor and search for a surgical hacksaw in one of the rooms. It\’s a powerful melee weapon that you should upgrade regularly, especially with the blood point increasing skill.

  1. Go to your office and use the desk to craft items and analyze blood samples.
  2. Analyze William Bishop\’s sample and rest on the bed to complete the mission.


What is \”Take Me to the Hospital\” mission in Vampyr?

\”Take Me to the Hospital\” is a main mission in the game Vampyr, where the player takes on the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly turned vampire in London during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. In this mission, Dr. Reid is tasked with finding and rescuing a patient named Oswald Thatcher, who has been taken to the Pembroke Hospital. Along the way, the player will encounter various enemies, both human and vampire, and will have to navigate through the hospital to find Thatcher. The mission is a key part of the game\’s storyline and offers a challenging and engaging experience for players.

How do I complete the \”Take Me to the Hospital\” mission in Vampyr?

To complete the \”Take Me to the Hospital\” mission in Vampyr, players must first make their way to the Pembroke Hospital and locate Oswald Thatcher. Along the way, they will encounter various enemies and obstacles, including locked doors and blocked passageways. Once Thatcher is found, players must then escort him out of the hospital and back to his home. Along the way, they will have to fend off more enemies and navigate through the dangerous streets of London. The mission requires a combination of combat skills, puzzle-solving abilities, and strategic thinking. Successfully completing the mission will advance the game\’s storyline and unlock new challenges and opportunities for the player.

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