Upgrading Items in My Time at Sandrock

Learn how to upgrade machines, items, and materials with the Refiner in My Time at Sandrock with this guide.

When creating items, sometimes they may not turn out to be of the desired quality. This guide provides tips on upgrading items to improve their properties.

Discover how to build the Refiner, obtain the necessary materials, and purchase upgrades to enhance your items. {TOC H2}

Building the Refiner

To build the Refiner, you will need the following materials:

  1. Refiner Blueprint – can be researched at the Research Center for 8 Data Discs. The blueprint will be delivered to your mailbox in three days.
  2. Bronze Blade x1 – can be crafted at the Worktable using 4x Bronze Bars (smelted in the Furnace) and 2x Copper Gear (processed in the Grinder).
  3. Copper Screw x12 – can be processed in the Grinder using 6x Bronze Bars (smelted in the Furnace).
  4. Marble Slab x2 – can be processed in the Processor using 4x Marble Brick (smelted in the Furnace).
  5. Rubber Shell x3 – can be processed in the Processor using 12x Rubber (obtained by processing Rubber Scrap in the Recycler).
  6. Hardwood Stick x2 – can be processed in the Processor using 8x Hard Wood (obtained by cutting down Deadwood).

Use the materials on the blueprint at the Assembly Station and set up the Refiner in your workshop.

Upgrading Items with the Refiner

Interact with the Refiner to view the list of items that can be upgraded. The required resources for upgrading an item will be displayed in the middle of the screen. Click \”Refine Item\” to begin the upgrade process.

A comparison of the stats of the base item and its upgraded version will be displayed. If you are satisfied with the changes, click \”Take New Stats.\”

The Refiner can be used to upgrade Machines, Materials, Weapons, Tools, Furniture, Clothing, and Accessories. Upgrading these items can increase their stats, reduce their fuel and water consumption, or provide additional stat bonuses.


What are the different ways to upgrade items in My Time at Sandrock?

In My Time at Sandrock, there are several ways to upgrade items. The first way is to use the crafting bench to create a better version of the item. For example, if you have a wooden sword, you can use the crafting bench to create an iron sword, which is stronger. Another way is to use the upgrade bench to increase the item\’s stats. You can use upgrade stones to increase the item\’s attack, defense, or other attributes. The third way is to use the enchanting table to add magical effects to the item. For example, you can add fire damage to a sword or increase the item\’s critical hit chance. Lastly, you can use the blacksmith to repair and enhance your items. The blacksmith can repair damaged items and add sockets to them, allowing you to insert gems for additional bonuses.

What items should I focus on upgrading first in My Time at Sandrock?

When playing My Time at Sandrock, it\’s important to focus on upgrading your weapons and armor first. These items will help you survive longer and deal more damage to enemies. Start by upgrading your primary weapon and armor set, and then move on to your secondary weapons and accessories. Additionally, it\’s a good idea to upgrade your gathering tools, such as your pickaxe and axe, as they will allow you to gather resources more efficiently. Once you have upgraded your essential items, you can start upgrading your other tools and equipment to make your life in Sandrock easier and more productive.

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