Unnatural selection | Vampyr Walkthrough

This guide provides a walkthrough for the \”Unnatural selection\” quest in Vampyr.

After leaving the theater, head towards West End while battling various enemies. Once you reach the hiding place, use the saber gained from the Doris Fletcher fight and focus on upgrading damage. Return to the Ascalon club to talk to Lady Ashbury and Lord Redgrave.

  1. Lord Redgrave assigns a new task to turn Aloysius Dawson into an Ekon for an extended life.
  2. Travel through the sewers to reach Aloysius\’ house. On the way, you will face Leon Augustin, a vampire who summons phantom clones; dodge their attacks by sticking to the columns in the room.

  1. After defeating Leon, turn both valves in the room with Skals and use area attacks and dodges to defeat them. Lower the water level and use a vampire jump to reach the other side.
  2. Proceed to the estate of Aloysius Dawson and decide what to do with him to complete the mission.

  1. Unlock previously closed gates in West End to move between districts freely.

  1. The guide ends here.


What is Unnatural Selection in Vampyr?

Unnatural Selection is a side quest in Vampyr that becomes available after you complete the main story quest \”The Sad Saint of The East End\”. In this quest, you must find and defeat four powerful vampire hunters who are hunting down your fellow vampires. You will need to track down and confront each hunter, who will become progressively harder to defeat as you go along.

How do I complete the Unnatural Selection quest?

To complete the Unnatural Selection quest in Vampyr, you must first find and defeat all four of the vampire hunters. The first hunter, Harriet Jones, can be found in the Whitechapel Cemetery. The second hunter, Tom Watts, can be found in the Docks District. The third hunter, Rodney Grader, can be found in the West End. Finally, the fourth and most difficult hunter, Joe Peterson, can be found in the East End.

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