Unlocking France in AC Valhallas Siege of Paris DLC

This guide provides a walkthrough for Assassin\’s Creed Valhalla\’s Siege of Paris DLC.

The following missions need to be completed to reach France:

  • Strangers Bearing Gifts
  • To Francia

Strangers Bearing Gifts

Once you\’ve installed the Siege of Paris DLC, you\’ll receive a message about strangers arriving in Ravensthorpe. You\’ll need to head there to trigger a cut-scene.

After the cut-scene, you\’ll receive a letter indicating that the new companions have built a structure in the settlement. Follow the marker to the building and talk to the French individuals, Toka and Pierre.

They\’ve brought new food and drinks and you can join them in a feast. During the conversation, Toka will mention a leader planning a siege of Paris and will ask for your help. After a longer cut-scene, you\’ll be given another mission – To Francia.

To Francia

During the conversation with Pierre, you can confirm that you want to go on the excursion. This will take you on a ship to France.


1. How do I start The Siege of Paris DLC in AC Valhalla?

To start The Siege of Paris DLC in AC Valhalla, you need to have completed the main story of the game, including the storyline involving Sigurd and Basim. Once you have completed the main story, you should receive a letter from Pierre, a character in the game, inviting you to travel to Francia to help him with a problem. This will trigger the start of the DLC, and you will be able to travel to Francia and start exploring the new area.

2. How do I unlock France in AC Valhalla?

To unlock France in AC Valhalla, you need to purchase the DLC called The Siege of Paris. Once you have purchased and downloaded the DLC, you will be able to travel to Francia and start exploring the new area. The DLC includes new storylines, characters, and locations to explore, as well as new weapons, armor, and abilities to unlock.

3. What kind of content does The Siege of Paris DLC include?

The Siege of Paris DLC for AC Valhalla includes a range of new content, including a new area to explore in Francia, new storylines and characters, new weapons, armor, and abilities to unlock, and new gameplay mechanics. The DLC also features new enemies to fight, new puzzles to solve, and new challenges to overcome. The DLC is designed to provide players with a fresh and exciting new experience, building on the core gameplay of AC Valhalla.

4. How long does it take to complete The Siege of Paris DLC?

The length of time it takes to complete The Siege of Paris DLC in AC Valhalla will depend on a range of factors, including how much time you spend exploring and completing side quests, how skilled you are at the game, and how quickly you progress through the main storylines. However, on average, the DLC should take around 8-10 hours to complete. This makes it a substantial addition to the game, providing players with plenty of new content to explore and enjoy.

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