Undvik Quest Map in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

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Important Points of Witcher 3 M21 – Undvik – Quests

Main quest connected areas

Side quest connected areas

Witcher contracts connected areas

Treasure hunt connected areas

Stronger monsters encountered while completing quests

Areas connected with side quests:

1 – Entrance to the cave system for \”Master Armorers\”

2 – Clan Tordarroh forge building for \”Master Armorers\”

3 – Forge guarded by a rock troll for \”Master Armorers\” – can be accessed through the cave system or by opening the doors of the eastern building from the inside.

Areas connected with treasure hunts:

4 – Document in a boat for \”Shortcut\”

5 – Note by the corpse for \”Precious Haul\”

In this guide to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, you will find a map of quests related to Undvik, one of the islands in the Skellige archipelago. The map indicates the locations where new quests start and other important locations that you visit while completing the main and side quests set on Undvik and the surrounding smaller islands.

Undvik: Quests

The map above shows Undvik island, a part of the Skellige islands archipelago, and a few smaller surrounding isles. This location is mainly visited to complete quests that start in different parts of the game world. You won\’t find many completely new quests here, only some treasure hunts. As monsters at level 15-20 reside on the Undvik island, it is best not to explore it too early.


1. What is Undvik in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

Undvik is one of the Skellige Isles in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. It is a frozen, inhospitable place, where the inhabitants make a living by fishing and hunting sea monsters. Undvik is also home to one of the main quests in the game, where Geralt must help the residents with a monster problem.

2. How do I unlock the quests in Undvik?

To unlock the quests in Undvik, you must first progress through the main story until you reach the quest \”The King is Dead – Long Live the King\”. Once you complete this quest, you will be able to access the Skellige Isles, including Undvik. From there, simply travel to Undvik and speak to the locals to begin the quests.

3. What are some of the main quests in Undvik?

One of the main quests in Undvik is \”The Lord of Undvik\”, where Geralt must help the residents with a giant ice giant problem. Another important quest is \”Echoes of the Past\”, where Geralt investigates a mysterious tower and uncovers some dark secrets. There are also several side quests and contracts to complete in Undvik.

4. Are there any unique items or rewards to collect in Undvik?

Yes, there are several unique items and rewards to collect in Undvik. One of the most notable is the Ursine armor set, which can be found in a hidden cave on the island. There are also several Gwent cards to collect, as well as unique weapons and crafting materials. Be sure to explore thoroughly to find everything Undvik has to offer!

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