Undecember: Runes – Understanding, Combining, and Best Ones

Get to know the Undecember runes better with our introductory guide on the topic. Here, we will explain what they are, how to combine them, which ones are the best, and how to improve them.

The Undecember guide is based on the Steam Next Fest 2022 demo and is current as of October 6, 2022.

Our guide covers the following topics:

  • Types of runes
  • Best runes
  • Combining runes; channeling
  • Rune Enchant
  • Rune Growth

Types of runes

  1. Skill rune – These hexagonal runes serve as activated skills, primarily attacks, when assigned to the quickbar.
  2. Link rune – These runes support Skill runes and can strengthen them in various ways. Channel tag runes allow you to combine two Skill Runes, creating a deadly combo.
  3. Runestone – These runes give passive bonuses to the rest, depending on their placement on the board.

Best runes

There is no clear distinction between good and bad runes in Undecember, as effectiveness depends on how you use them and what kind of characters you want to play as. Nonetheless, certain runes can help you create builds of varying effectiveness. For more information on the best builds, please check out our page – Builds – Which are the best?.

Here are some noteworthy runes:

  1. Multishot – Increases the number of projectiles you shoot.
  2. Spell Activation While Channeling, Spell Activation on Attack – Allows you to combine your skills into deadly combinations.
  3. Fire ball, Whirlwind, Lightning Chain, Spread shot – Worth getting, particularly at the start of the game. Suitable for all classes.

It\’s also worth noting that, like equipment, runes have rarity levels. The more difficult to obtain, the better the bonuses. The rarity levels are Normal, Magic, Rare, and Legendary.

Combining runes; channeling

In Undecember, the basic mechanic is to combine runes into different combinations. To do this, press the \”K\” key (the gamepad does not have a button assigned for this by default).

Each Skill rune has six sides, which can be connected to the Link rune. However, the Skill rune must have a side in the same color as the Link rune. Moreover, not all sides are active from the start. The chance of having a rune with all connections working is very low!

Link runes with the channel tag are a unique type of rune that can be combined with Skill runes to create powerful combinations. When combining runes, it is crucial to place them in the correct order, following the arrows: Skill rune with the channel tag, Link rune with the channel tag, and the appropriate Skill rune. However, not all runes are compatible with each other, so it\’s essential to be careful with the tags.

In order for the combination to work, both skills must be equipped in the quick access slots. Only the skill with the channel tag will be active, so it\’s important to use this one to activate both skills at the same time. Failing to follow these steps will result in the combination not working.

Rune Enchanting

Enchanting runes is necessary to ensure they have the correct color, number, and placement. This can be done at the rune merchant in safe settlements. Additionally, you can increase the rarity of your runes using this method.

The process requires various essences, whose use depends on the item you want to improve and its rarity. These essences can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as drops, disassembling equipment, gifts, alchemy, or premium currency.

However, luck plays a significant role in the enchanting process, as many essences are random.

Rune Growth

The Rune growth option at the rune merchant in settlements allows you to increase the level and strength of your Skill and Link runes. This requires Element crystals that fill your stones with energy. It\’s best to use an Element of the same color as the rune for the best effect. These crystals can be acquired as gifts, loot, or quest rewards.


What are runes and how do they work?

Runes are a form of divination used for centuries by the Norse and Germanic peoples. They are a set of 24 symbols, each with its own meaning, that can be used to gain insight and guidance. To use runes, you first need to acquire a set. This can be done by purchasing a set from a metaphysical store or online, or by creating your own set using stones, wood, or other materials. Once you have your set, you can begin using them by drawing one or more runes and interpreting their meaning based on their position and the question you are asking.

How do I combine runes for a reading?

When combining runes, there are a few different methods you can use. One common method is to draw three runes and interpret them as past, present, and future. Another method is to draw a single rune and use it as the focus of your reading, interpreting it in relation to your question. You can also lay out all 24 runes and choose a few that resonate with you or that seem to be calling out for attention.

Which runes are the best?

There is no one \”best\” rune, as each one has its own unique meaning and purpose. However, some runes are more commonly used or considered more powerful than others. For example, the rune Ansuz is often associated with wisdom and communication, while Fehu is associated with wealth and prosperity. Ultimately, the best runes for you will depend on your own intuition and the question or situation you are using them for.

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