Undecember: PC Controls and Keybinds

This Undecember guide provides tips and tricks, including information about the game\’s controls for both keyboard and controller.

The guide features a list of keybinds for Undecember, as of October 6, 2022, based on the Steam Next Fest 2022 demo.

  • Keyboard
  • PS5

Keyboard Controls

Return Portal

Potion Slot 1

Potion Slot 2

Potion Slot 3

Potion Slot 4

Sub Skill 1

Sub Skill 2

Sub Skill 3

Sub Skill 4

Smart Control – on / off


Game Settings




Paid Shop



Quest List


Character Info



Summon Abyssal Rift Portal

World Map

Map region / Minimap toggle

(left) Standing Attack

(left) Change Sub Skill Set


Main skill

PS5 Controls

Summon Abyssal Rift Portal


Sub Skill 1

Sub Skill 2

The following HTML code shows a table containing various sub skills, a return portal, potion slots, and a mouse cursor mode. Each sub skill has a corresponding image, and is labeled with a number. The main skill is also included in the table. The potion slots are labeled as \”Potion Slot 1,\” \”Potion Slot 2,\” \”Potion Slot 3,\” and \”Potion Slot 4.\” The mouse cursor mode is labeled as \”Mouse Cursor Mode.\” The return portal is labeled as \”Return Portal.\”


What are keybinds/controls in Undecember for PC?

In the game Undecember, keybinds and controls refer to the specific keyboard keys or mouse clicks that are used to perform various actions within the game. These can include movement, jumping, attacking, and interacting with objects in the game world. The default keybinds for Undecember on PC are as follows:

  • WASD – movement
  • Spacebar – jump
  • Left mouse button – primary attack
  • Right mouse button – secondary attack
  • E – interact with objects
  • Q – use potion
  • R – reload weapon
  • F – toggle flashlight
  • Shift – sprint

However, players can customize their keybinds to their liking through the game\’s settings menu. Some players may prefer to use a gamepad or controller instead of keyboard and mouse, in which case the controls will be different. Overall, understanding and mastering the keybinds and controls in Undecember is crucial for success in the game.

Can I use a gamepad/controller instead of keyboard and mouse for Undecember on PC?

Yes, players can use a gamepad or controller instead of keyboard and mouse for Undecember on PC. The game supports a variety of gamepads and controllers, including Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Players can connect their controller to their PC and then configure the controls through the game\’s settings menu. However, some players may find that using a keyboard and mouse provides better precision and control, especially for fast-paced action sequences. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and playstyle. Regardless of which input method is chosen, it\’s important to familiarize oneself with the keybinds and controls in order to play effectively.

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