Two Point Campus: Understanding the User Interface

This guide for Two Point Campus is designed to help players become familiar with the game\’s interface. By understanding the different buttons and information displayed on the game screen, players will be better equipped to navigate the game and progress through it.

On this page, we will provide a comprehensive description of all the buttons found in the game and their functions. On the following page, we will focus on the specifics of the game\’s interface, including how to enter build mode, where to find visualisations, and how to take out a loan.

  • Build
  • Items
  • Exterior
  • Hire Staff
  • Management View
  • Pause Menu
  • Course Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Campus Management
  • Visualisations
  • Hide/Show Timeline
  • Game Speed
  • Open Messages
  • Finances
  • Academic Results
  • Student Happiness
  • Campus Level
  • Kudosh
  • Hide/Show Objectives
  • Career Goals
  • Leaderboards


By selecting this option, players can build the rooms that are currently available on their campus. As they progress through the game, new rooms will become unlocked.


In this section, players will find all the decorative and utility objects that can be placed on their campus. It is important to note that not all decorative elements are suitable for all rooms.


Here, players can choose from a variety of objects like plants and benches that can be placed outside campus buildings.

Hire Staff

In this tab, players can view a list of individuals who are available to work at their campus.

Management View

By selecting this option, players can manage individual sections of their campus by clicking on them and editing their content. This view offers a top-down perspective.

Pause Menu

By selecting this option, players can access the menu where they can save or load the game, activate the photo mode, open game options, or exit the game.

Course Management

In this section, players can view all the courses that are available at their university.

Personnel Management

Here, players can view information about their staff (both teachers and office staff) as well as information about the students enrolled at the university.

Campus Management

By selecting this option, players can view general information about their campus as well as cash loan offers.


Here, players can view visualisations that show general statistics, satisfaction, and area of operation of different objects, all divided into various categories.

Hide/Show Timeline

By selecting this option, players can hide or show the month bar at the bottom of the screen.

Game Speed Control

These controls allow you to manage the game speed. You can increase or decrease the speed or pause the game completely. For more information, refer to the Game Speed – How to Change? page.

Mailbox Access

Access your mailbox to read the latest news, including requests and financial reports.

Financial Information

Get information on your current account balance and an overview of your university\’s profits or losses.

Teaching Results

View the overall teaching results of your university. The bar is filled based on the grades your students receive.

Student Satisfaction

Check the level of student satisfaction with your campus using this bar.

Campus Information

Get general information about your campus level, including the quality of premises and staff qualifications.

Kudosh Count

Find out how many Kudosh you have, a special currency that you can use to unlock new items for your campus.

Show/Hide Objectives

Use this button to toggle the mission objectives panel on or off.

Career Objectives

View your career objectives and earn Kudosh for achieving them.

Leaderboard Comparison

Click this button to view the leaderboard and compare your results with other players.


What is the user interface in Two Point Campus?

The user interface in Two Point Campus is the visual and interactive platform that players use to navigate and control the game. It includes menus, buttons, icons, and other elements that help players manage their schools, build structures, hire staff, and interact with students. The interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear and readable text, helpful tooltips, and easy-to-use controls. Players can customize the interface to suit their preferences, adjusting settings such as color schemes, font sizes, and key bindings. Overall, the user interface is an essential part of the Two Point Campus experience, allowing players to engage with the game world and create their own unique schools.

What are some of the key features of the user interface in Two Point Campus?

Some of the key features of the user interface in Two Point Campus include the building menu, which allows players to select and place various structures on their campuses, the staff menu, which lets players hire and manage their employees, and the student menu, which displays information on individual students and their needs. Additionally, the interface includes a variety of informational displays, such as the budget overview, which shows players how much money they have available to spend, and the objectives panel, which provides guidance on what tasks players should focus on. Other features of the interface include the map view, which allows players to zoom in and out of their campuses, and the settings menu, which lets players adjust various options and preferences.

How does the user interface in Two Point Campus differ from that of other simulation games?

The user interface in Two Point Campus differs from that of other simulation games in several ways. One key difference is the game\’s focus on humor and whimsy, which is reflected in the playful and colorful design of the interface. Another difference is the game\’s emphasis on customization, which allows players to adjust various settings and preferences to suit their individual playstyles. Additionally, the interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear and readable text, helpful tooltips, and easy-to-use controls. Finally, the interface is closely integrated with the game\’s mechanics, allowing players to manage their schools, hire staff, and interact with students directly through the interface.

What are some tips for using the user interface effectively in Two Point Campus?

Some tips for using the user interface effectively in Two Point Campus include taking advantage of the various customization options available, such as adjusting the color scheme, font size, and key bindings to suit your preferences. Additionally, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the different menus and panels available, such as the building menu, staff menu, and student menu, and to learn how to navigate between them quickly and efficiently. Finally, it can be useful to experiment with different strategies and approaches to managing your school, using the interface to track your progress and adjust your plans as needed.

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