Two Point Campus: Types of Courses and How to Earn Course Points

This guide for Two Point Campus explains the various types of courses available and how to obtain Course Points.

Course Points are necessary to introduce new courses to your university. This page provides information on how to acquire them and a list of the courses that your institution offers.

How to Obtain Course Points

Your campus level determines the number of Course Points you receive. Each time your campus level increases, you will receive 10 Course Points that you can use to upgrade existing courses or introduce new ones.

If you want to learn how to increase your campus level, check out the Campus Level – How to Increase? page.

Using Course Points

You can use Course Points to manage courses from the Manage Courses screen, but only before the start of a new academic year.

To upgrade a course you already have, click on the plus sign next to the course. The game will inform you of how many new students will be enrolled and how many additional teachers you will need to hire.

To add a new course, click the Add New Course button and select the course you want. Confirm your selection, and then adjust your campus to accommodate the new students.

Admitting more students means hiring more teachers and expanding your classrooms, which can be expensive. You should strike a balance between upgrading existing courses and introducing new ones.

List of Available Courses

Your university offers 17 courses in total. Each course requires specialized rooms, facilities, and teachers to conduct classes. The list below shows the courses available, their cost to unlock, and how long the courses last.

The following courses are available in Two Point Campus:

  1. Scientography – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  2. Robotics – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  3. Money Wangling – 20 Course Points, 2 years
  4. Musicality – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  5. School of Thought – 40 Course Points, 4 years
  6. Virtual Normality – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  7. Dark Art – 20 Course Points, 2 years
  8. Countercultural Studies – 20 Course Points, 2 years
  9. Gastronomy – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  10. General Knowledge – 10 Course Points, 1 year
  11. Wizardry – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  12. Archeology – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  13. Funny Business – 20 Course Points, 2 years
  14. Knight School – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  15. Academic Exercise – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  16. Spy School – 30 Course Points, 3 years
  17. Internet History – 30 Course Points, 3 years


What kind of courses can I expect in Two Point Campus?

In Two Point Campus, you can expect a wide range of courses that cater to different interests and career paths. These include traditional academic courses like literature, physics, and mathematics, as well as more specialized subjects like fashion design, animal care, and gastronomy. You\’ll also have the opportunity to create your own courses and customize them to suit your students\’ needs.

What are Course Points in Two Point Campus?

Course Points are a new gameplay mechanic in Two Point Campus that allows you to upgrade your courses and improve their effectiveness. You earn Course Points by teaching classes and accomplishing certain objectives, such as getting high marks from your students or completing research projects. You can then use these points to unlock new course modules, hire better teachers, and add new facilities to your campus. It\’s a fun and rewarding way to build your school and improve your students\’ learning experience.

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