Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact – Which Game is Better?

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It\’s a battle of the titans between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact. In this guide, we\’ll compare the two games and see which one comes out on top.

Both games share many similarities, but each has its strengths and weaknesses. This page will highlight what Tower of Fantasy excels at compared to Genshin Impact and vice versa.

  • Gacha System
  • Co-Op and Multiplayer
  • Exploration
  • UI
  • Endgame
  • Summary

Gacha System

The gacha system is the biggest similarity between the two games. It involves spending in-game currency to get random materials or weapons that are useful in combat and exploration.

Genshin Impact has several banners available, but they mainly come in two types: character banners and weapon banners. Every 10 wishes will guarantee a 4-star character or weapon. The game also has a pity system where, if you spend 90 wishes without getting a 5-star character or weapon, you\’ll receive one on your 90th wish. However, the game doesn\’t have a wish counter, which resets when you get a 5-star item.

The gacha rules in Tower of Fantasy are similar. There are also different types of banners, mainly Simulacra banners and Matrices banners. Every 10 orders guarantee an SR Simulacra or Matrice, equivalent to a 4-star weapon/character. Tower of Fantasy\’s gacha system is more rewarding than Genshin Impact\’s, though. Every 80 orders guarantee an SSR Simulacrum, equivalent to a 5-star Genshin character. The counter is visible at all times and doesn\’t reset even if you get an SSR Simulacrum earlier. Additionally, the pity cap for Matrices is set to 40!

Tower of Fantasy\’s gacha system is more accessible and friendlier to F2P players. The values required to acquire the best weapons and accessories are lower, and the pity counter doesn\’t reset like in Genshin Impact.

Co-Op and Multiplayer

Both games offer multiplayer and co-op modes, but which one is better?

In Genshin Impact, players can enter co-op mode to explore other players\’ worlds, help them fight enemies, or collect materials. You can also create a party and invite other players to help you complete domains and acquire artifacts enhancing your characters. However, the game primarily revolves around singleplayer.

Tower of Fantasy, being an MMO, has more extensive multiplayer options. You can encounter other players while exploring the world, talk to them, create parties, defeat world bosses, and participate in special challenges and events by spending Vitality (equivalent to Genshin Impact\’s Resin). The game also has PvP, something Genshin Impact lacks.

Tower of Fantasy wins in terms of multiplayer. However, Genshin Impact sometimes has special events where players can compete against each other.


In games like these, exploration is not only important to see new areas and views, but also to experience the story and receive special rewards. Tower of Fantasy rewards players for discovering new areas and opening Supply Pods, which are equivalent to chests in Genshin Impact. It also includes relics and vehicles to help players traverse the map, although there are not many fast travel points available. On the other hand, Genshin Impact has many fast travel waypoints scattered throughout the map, and there are more puzzles to solve for rewards. However, some puzzles in Tower of Fantasy require the help of another player. Ultimately, both games reward players for exploring and there is no clear winner.


The user interface is crucial to the gaming experience, and a cluttered and poorly thought-out interface can make gameplay less enjoyable. Tower of Fantasy displays multiple elements at once, including a minimap, chat window, skills, weapons, and tabs. Navigating the tabs can be difficult, and the icons are often too small to read. In contrast, Genshin Impact has a clearer interface with fewer elements cluttering the screen. Switching between tabs is faster and easier, and the tabs have descriptions to help players understand their purpose. Genshin Impact wins this comparison by a wide margin due to its minimalistic menu.


After exploring all the areas and maxing out characters and weapons, players may feel that there is nothing left to do in the game. A good endgame can change that perception. In Genshin Impact, players can participate in endgame activities such as the Battle Pass, Spiral Abyss, daily Resin spending, and daily commissions. However, once players reach Adventure Rank 50/55, there is not much left to do. Tower of Fantasy, on the other hand, offers many more endgame activities, including PvP mode, Battle Pass, several modes for high-level players, World Bosses, Crews, and mini-games. This makes the endgame in Tower of Fantasy much better, as there are still things to do even after using up all of the player\’s Vitality.


While one game was inspired by the other, they belong to different genres. This page provides a summary of their similar mechanics and features. Tower of Fantasy appears to be a superior option, but improvements are still needed in areas such as the user interface and character animations. However, it is more inclusive for F2P players and those who want to socialize, assist, or compete with other players.

On the other hand, Genshin Impact is more singleplayer-oriented. Although acquiring better characters is a time-consuming process and the game is grind-heavy, it is still an excellent production worth exploring, especially if you prefer to fight enemies and explore alone.


What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG game developed by Hotta Games. The game is set in a fantasy world where players can explore different locations, fight monsters, and complete quests. The game features a unique combat system and a diverse range of playable characters. Players can also customize their characters with different equipment and skills. Tower of Fantasy has gained popularity for its stunning graphics, immersive storyline, and engaging gameplay.

Which game is better: Tower of Fantasy or Genshin Impact?

Both Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact are great games in their own way. Tower of Fantasy offers a unique combat system and a diverse range of playable characters, while Genshin Impact has a vast open world and a compelling storyline. The choice ultimately depends on personal preference and gameplay style. If you enjoy fast-paced combat and character customization, Tower of Fantasy may be the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer an open-world adventure with a captivating storyline, Genshin Impact may be the better choice. Ultimately, both games offer hours of fun and entertainment for players.

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