Tower of Fantasy: Vehicles – complete list and how to unlock them?

Get ready to explore the vast world of Tower of Fantasy by taking control of various vehicles. In this guide, we\’ll show you how to unlock them all.

While fast travel is available in the game, it won\’t take you to every corner of the world. You\’ll need to travel long distances at times, and that\’s where vehicles come in handy.

The Tower of Fantasy features multiple types of vehicles, and in this guide, we\’ll list them and show you how to unlock them.

  • How to unlock vehicles?
  • Menu
  • Vehicle list
  • Falcon
  • 2613
  • Chaser
  • Omnium Beast VII
  • Voyager
  • Monocross
  • Dust Vheeler
  • Mechbird
  • Maintain and Refit

How to unlock vehicles?

The Falcon is the first vehicle that you\’ll get in the game, and it\’s a motorbike that you\’ll unlock as you progress through the main storyline. This happens once you gain access to Hykros, and it\’s a reward for completing a questline that isn\’t too long.

When you obtain the Falcon, you\’ll also gain the ability to select vehicles and summon them to your location. Simply press V to summon a vehicle.


To access the Vehicles Menu, press the ESC key and select the Vehicles tab from the tabs in the upper right corner.

In this menu, you can choose which vehicle to summon, check the list of unlockable vehicles, and learn how to unlock them. You can also upgrade your vehicles from this menu.

Vehicle list

As of the time of writing this guide, there are eight vehicles available in Tower of Fantasy. Most of them can be unlocked by exploring the world and finding hidden parts.

Here\’s a list of all the vehicles available in Tower of Fantasy:

  1. Falcon
  2. 2613
  3. Chaser
  4. Omnium Beast VII
  5. Voyager
  6. Monocross
  7. Dust Wheeler
  8. Mechbird

When you select a vehicle from the list, you\’ll see the number of parts you need to obtain to unlock it on the right. Below that, you can find out how to unlock the vehicle.

If you need to explore to unlock a vehicle, choose any of the vehicle parts, and you\’ll learn where and how to obtain them. Some of the parts are secrets.


The Falcon is the first vehicle you\’ll unlock in the game, and you\’ll get it by following the main storyline until you unlock the Hykros region and complete the quests there.

During the initial stages of the game, you\’ll unlock many useful exploration mechanics, so it\’s best to follow the storyline at least until you unlock Hykros.


This strange cube with numbers was a gift for players who signed up for Tower of Fantasy before its official global launch. To obtain it, you simply had to accept the gift that appeared in your mail.


You\’ll need to obtain two items to unlock the Chaser vehicle:

  1. The Magnetic Rod can be found in the Rusty Belt location in Astra (starting location), inside a large ball at the top of the tower.
  2. The Maglev Stalker has a small chance of being looted from the Vermin Brothers.

Omnium Beast VII

To unlock the Omnium Beast VII, you need to obtain three parts:

  1. Omnium Beast: Cockpit – search the oil rig offshore off the coast of Rosen in the Banges province.
  2. Omnium Beast: Left Arm – go to Banges Shelter spacerift and use code 1647 at the barrier in the settlement.
  3. Omnium Beast: Right Arm – can be obtained by defeating Behemoths (Surtur, Bergelmir, Farbauti, Mimir and Utgarda) in Banges, Navia and Crown provinces.


To unlock the Voyager, you need to obtain four parts:

  1. Voyager Engine – you have to go back to the oil platform (off the Banges coast) and read all the texts. This will start a quest where you need to travel to Navia (coordinates -1040, -960) and search the base (preferably with sizzling meat in your inventory).
  2. Voyager Thruster – a chance to drop from Four Powers (Okka, Hethlu, Smoli, Sendyrs).
  3. Voyager Control Station – a coastal base north of where you encounter Lucia (Seaforth Dock); the part is behind the barrier (3594).
  4. Voyager Hull – you can find it in Navia Bay Ecological Park (a small dome floating above the lake at Cetus Island). To enter, you have to activate three nearby radar towers. You will need tool sets (available for purchase in the Point shop as part of the Fine Gift package), parts from the great officer (he will want iced strawberry soda for it) located on the above-mentioned oil rig (coordinates -1040, -960), and code 5972.


To unlock the Monocross, a unicorn-shaped vehicle, you need to obtain four parts:

  1. Unicorn Power Core – start your search in Miners\’ Camp in the Crown Mines province near the barrier and the big strange crystal. You have to pick up a piece of it and then return it to the Stoker, which will start a hidden (not marked in the journal) quest. The man can be found on the eastern shore of Goldrush mountain, in a rock breach behind the iron beams. The scientist will want Fiddlehead pie from you, and then you will be able to start the machines at the crystal. The sequence to devices from the right (looking from the crystal deposit): 2nd gear, 1st gear, 3rd gear.
  2. Unicorn Bionic Frame – an outpost north of Southern Naa Fjords.
  3. Unicorn Cyberlimbs – Saag Passage tower.
  4. Unicorn Head – chance of dropping from Devotees (Noah and Eber).

Dust Vheeler

The Dust Vheeler is a reward for reaching the rank of Grand Marshal in one of the Apex League seasons. This is a PvP challenge – read more about it on the Apex League page – PvP mode.


Mechbird parts only appear during the Terrible Invasion event.

Maintain and Refit

In addition to unlocking vehicles, you can also find or buy various vehicle parts. These can be installed in the Maintain menu. However, this option is only unlocked after reaching level 32.

The game offers Black Crystals as a reward for reaching specific upgrade milestones, which are considered one of the most valuable currencies in the game. To claim the gift, simply click on the symbol located in the upper right corner. Furthermore, players have the option to change the color of their car through a process called Refit. However, not all vehicles offer this feature.


What are the vehicles available in Tower of Fantasy?

In Tower of Fantasy, players can traverse the game world using various vehicles such as motorcycles, helicopters, submarines, and even dragons. Each vehicle has its own unique abilities and stats, making them useful for different situations. For example, the helicopter is great for fast travel and aerial combat, while the submarine is essential for exploring underwater areas. Players can collect and upgrade vehicles by completing quests and defeating bosses.

How do I unlock new vehicles in Tower of Fantasy?

Players can unlock new vehicles in Tower of Fantasy by completing certain quests, defeating bosses, and reaching specific milestones in the game. For example, players can obtain the motorcycle early on by completing a delivery quest, while the dragon can be unlocked by defeating a powerful dragon boss. Some vehicles may also require certain items or resources to unlock, which can be obtained by completing specific tasks or missions.

Can I customize my vehicles in Tower of Fantasy?

Yes, players can customize their vehicles in Tower of Fantasy by using various upgrade materials and resources. Upgrades can improve a vehicle\’s stats such as speed, durability, and firepower, making them more effective in combat and exploration. Players can also customize the appearance of their vehicles by using different skins and colors.

Are vehicles necessary to progress in Tower of Fantasy?

While vehicles are not strictly necessary to progress in Tower of Fantasy, they can make certain tasks and missions much easier and faster. For example, using a helicopter can greatly reduce travel time and allow players to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Additionally, some missions may require players to use specific vehicles in order to complete them, so it is a good idea to have a variety of vehicles at your disposal.

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