Tower of Fantasy: Guide for Beginners

This page of the Tower of Fantasy game guide provides new players with essential tips and tricks to get started with the game.

Here are some of the most important tips:

  • Explore the game world to gather materials and open chests
  • Complete all kinds of tasks, including daily quests
  • Cooperate with other players to defeat tough opponents
  • Equip your character with weapons of different elements
  • Pay attention to the mini-map to find valuable rewards
  • Pick up guaranteed characters every 10th order
  • Participate in activities and events in the game world
  • Use different weapons to avoid repetition
  • Make perfect dodges to avoid damage
  • Use vehicles to move quickly
  • Use all your Vitality to maximize rewards
  • Be active in fights against World Bosses
  • Upgrade your equipment regularly
  • Ask friends or Crew members for items if needed

Explore the Game World

Exploring the game world is crucial to collect materials and open chests. If your opponents are too strong, you can always retreat to safer regions. You can also wait for other players to defeat tough enemies and collect the loot. But beware of entering areas that are too high-level for you, as your health will quickly drop to zero.

Complete All Kinds of Tasks

Don\’t just focus on main quests, but also do daily quests to gain resources and experience faster.

Cooperate with Other Players

Teaming up with other players in Tower of Fantasy is key to defeating tough opponents and gaining more experience.

Equip Different Weapons

Equipping your character with weapons of different elements will prepare you for any situation. You can equip up to three weapons in one slot and create multiple slots.

Pay Attention to the Mini-Map

Keep an eye on the mini-map to find valuable rewards such as chests and materials that can give you Black Nucleus currency.

Pick Up Guaranteed Characters

Every 10th order will give you a guaranteed character. You can also pay with Gold Nucleus after 80 orders to get a guaranteed SSR character.

Engage in In-Game Activities

While exploring the game world, players can destroy rocky walls, set flowers or grottos on fire to collect resources necessary for rolling or upgrading weapons/characters. Whenever players come across such activities or a chest marker appears, they should immediately engage in the activity to receive interesting prizes, which takes little time.

Switch Between Different Weapons

Players can equip their characters with three different weapons, and it\’s recommended to choose different elements to be prepared for any scenario. They should actively switch between weapons in combat, especially when they acquire a weapon\’s omnium and can use a powerful attack.

Complete All Ruins

Ruins are short dungeons where players have to defeat specific enemies and solve puzzles. Completing them rewards players with a lot of experience, necessary materials for upgrading weapons, and even currency. As they are part of the Wanderer\’s Log quests, completing them offers great rewards, including an SR character.

Master Perfect Dodges

Perfect dodging is like parrying in Tower of Fantasy. Players can slow down time and earn a large amount of omnium for their weapon when they perform a perfect dodge. This powerful buff enables players to safely deal a lot of damage to enemies and recharge their weapon\’s abilities faster.

Use Vehicles to Move Quickly

Players can access vehicles a few hours into the game. In the Vehicles tab, they can select an active vehicle from their collection and summon it by selecting the steering wheel icon. This makes navigating the game world much easier.

Use All Vitality

Vitality is the energy that enables players to use special modes where they can earn a lot of experience points, matrices, armor, or gold. The maximum amount of vitality is 180, and once players reach this number, it will not regenerate. Therefore, players should spend this energy as often as possible to ensure it can restore itself. After a few hours, they will unlock 180 vitality for free.

Participate in World Boss Fights

Players can find powerful bosses in each game region and defeat them to open chests where they can get relic shards, a large amount of EXP, and matrices. However, these powerful opponents are difficult to defeat alone. It\’s better to write or check in the chat if someone is looking for people to help with a given World Boss.

Upgrade Your Equipment Regularly

Players should wear any armor they have and improve it regularly by selecting the equipment tab in their backpack.

To enhance your chances of survival and increase damage output, it\’s vital to improve the statistics of weapons, relics, matrices, and suppressors. Obtaining these items can be done in various ways.

One option is to seek assistance from your Crew members or friends. This method is particularly useful when upgrading vehicles and acquiring parts like fuel. Simply select the desired item and ask your Crew members or friends who are on your list for donations.


What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG developed by Perfect World Games. It is set in a world where players can explore a massive open world, engage in thrilling battles, and discover hidden treasures. The game features a unique fantasy setting with beautiful graphics and a vast array of characters to choose from. Tower of Fantasy also offers a variety of gameplay modes, including PvP and PvE, as well as a guild system where players can team up with friends and take on challenging quests together.

How do I get started in Tower of Fantasy?

To get started in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to download the game from the official website or your app store. Once you have downloaded the game, you will need to create a character and choose your class. There are six classes to choose from, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle. After creating your character, you will be introduced to the game\’s tutorial, which will guide you through the basics of the game and teach you how to navigate the world of Tower of Fantasy.

What are some tips for beginners in Tower of Fantasy?

One of the most important tips for beginners in Tower of Fantasy is to take your time and explore the world. There are many hidden treasures and secrets to discover, so don\’t rush through the game. Another tip is to join a guild as soon as possible. Guilds offer many benefits, including access to exclusive quests and items, as well as the ability to team up with other players for challenging content. Finally, make sure to keep your equipment updated and leveled up. This will help you in battles and make your gameplay experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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