Tower of Fantasy: Apex League – PvP Mode

A guide with tips on Tower of Fantasy

The Apex League mode allows you to fight against other players. This guide will explain how to participate in this mode, how to unlock it, and the rules of the duels.

If you were wondering whether there is a PvP mode in Tower of Fantasy, the answer is yes. The Apex League mode allows players to battle each other and climb the rankings. This tutorial page will explain how to unlock this mode and the rules of the duels.

  • Unlocking the Apex League
  • Duel Rules

Unlocking the Apex League

After reaching level 30 with the main character, you will gain access to the Apex League. You can enter PvP mode only from 12:00 and it will continue until midnight.

Duel Rules

Once you find an opponent and load the arena, a duel will occur after 3 seconds. You can use three outfitted weapons, but you cannot use perfect dodges to stop time and get a large amount of cargo to use the special attack.

The duel lasts for 5 minutes and ends after that time or when one player scores two kills. As time passes, the arena becomes smaller.

You can use Relics to help you in the fight, but they need to be selected and placed in the slot beforehand. Only Jetboard is blocked. In addition, healing effects are weakened and are only 50%. Each player starts the duel with a shield.

After the fight is over, you will get a summary of the fight and your ranking position. There are 7 ranks in this mode:

  1. Private
  2. Elite
  3. Sergeant
  4. Commander
  5. Star General
  6. Battle Lord
  7. Grand Marshal

Obtaining the highest rank will result in the most rewards. It will also earn you special titles available only for earning top rankings.


What is Tower of Fantasy: Apex League – PvP mode?

Tower of Fantasy is an upcoming MMORPG game that has gained much attention due to its unique gameplay and stunning graphics. Apex League is a PvP mode that will be available in the game. In this mode, players will compete against each other in a tower-climbing race. The goal is to reach the top of the tower before your opponent. The tower will be filled with traps, puzzles, and monsters, making it challenging for players to progress. The winner of each match will receive rewards, such as rare equipment and items. The Apex League is expected to be a popular mode among players, as it offers a new way to engage in PvP battles and compete with others.

How does the Apex League work?

Players who enter the Apex League will be matched with opponents of similar skill levels. Once the match begins, players will enter the tower and race to the top. The tower will have many levels, with each level becoming increasingly difficult. Players will need to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and avoid traps to progress. The first player to reach the top of the tower will win the match. If no player reaches the top within a certain time limit, the player who progressed the furthest will be declared the winner. The Apex League is a fun and challenging mode that offers a unique way to engage in PvP battles, making it a must-try for Tower of Fantasy players.

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