Tower of Fantasy: Adventure – all modes and tips

If you are looking for an adventure, then Tower of Fantasy is the game for you! This guide will provide you with information about the different modes available in the Adventure tab and what rewards you can expect from completing them.

Adventure mode in Tower of Fantasy offers a wide variety of tasks, exciting challenges, and amazing prizes. This guide will provide you with all the details about the different challenges and the rewards you can earn by completing them.

  • Weekly
  • Recommended
  • Select
  • Challenge


The Weekly tab consists of various challenges that offer a range of rewards, including gold, materials for upgrading weapons, and Activity points. Completing these challenges will also unlock better rewards shown at the top. These challenges are relatively easy and can be completed without much difficulty. They include tasks such as logging in, cooking food, or opening password chests. It is important to note that the challenges and progression will reset every week, allowing you to earn the rewards again.


The Recommended tab offers slightly more complex tasks, but they are still routine activities that should be completed regularly. These tasks include Daily Bounty, World Exploration, Ruins, Sign-in, and Mia\’s Kitchen. Completing these tasks will reward you with experience points, gold, weapon battery, and relic shards. Mia\’s Kitchen also offers a random buff that can be useful in combat or exploration.


The Select tab is one of the most important modes in Adventure. It offers a range of game modes that can be played as long as you have enough Vitality. These tasks offer great rewards, so it is worth spending your energy on them.

Challenging Modes with Great Rewards

The following modes are the most challenging but also offer the best rewards. To access all of them, you must have reached level 41 as a Wanderer.

  1. Joint Operation – This is a cooperative mode where you team up with other players to defeat waves of enemies and ultimately a final boss. Even if you don\’t have Vitality, you can participate in this mode. However, to access the 3 chests containing new equipment like armor and matrices, you need to have at least 90 Vitality points since each chest requires 30 points to open.
  2. Dimensional Trials – This mode consists of a series of challenges that offer weapon upgrade materials as rewards. Each challenge has its own set of rules and increases the difficulty of the game by increasing enemy damage or resistance to certain elements. The most important rule is to complete each task within the time limit. Failure to do so will result in no rewards.
  3. Interstellar Exploration – This mode requires you to clear waves of enemies in designated areas marked with a purple marker on the map. After defeating the enemies, you must close the star gate to earn rewards. Defeating all waves of enemies increases your chances of earning Starseed, which can be used to summon a mini-boss for a chance to earn a Gold Nucleus.
  4. Omnium Beacon – In this mode, you can hide the Omnium collector by spending 30 Vitality points and other players must find it within 24 hours. If they fail to do so, you will earn rewards in the form of weapon upgrade materials. The same rule applies if you are the one who finds the Omnium collector.
  5. Spacetime Domain – This mode is designed for solo play, and requires you to traverse ruins and defeat enemies to earn gold. Higher difficulty levels offer better rewards that can be unlocked once you reach the required level.

The game offers various modes for players to participate in, including Training, Bygone Phantasm, Apex League, Frontier Clash, Void Rifts, and Wormhole. Training is a set of mini-games that players can play to test their skills. Completing trainings earns players Training Points, which can be exchanged for rewards in a Points Shop. Bygone Phantasm is a tower mode where players fight increasingly stronger opponents. Every fifth floor is a boss fight, and rewards are given for reaching certain floors. Apex League is a 1v1 PvP mode that unlocks at level 30. Players choose their Simulacra and relics and fight against another player. Frontier Clash is a mode that unlocks at level 39 and rewards players with armor and weapons. Void Rifts is a mode that unlocks at level 35, where players must defeat the main boss within a certain time to win Matrices. Finally, Wormhole is a tower mode that offers increasing challenge from floor to floor and rewards players with Energy Crystal Dust.


1. What is Tower of Fantasy: Adventure?

Tower of Fantasy: Adventure is an action-packed mobile game that is gaining popularity among gamers worldwide. The game is set in a fantasy world where players take on the role of a hero who embarks on a journey to climb the tower and defeat various monsters and bosses along the way. With stunning graphics and challenging gameplay, Tower of Fantasy: Adventure is a game that promises to keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

2. What are some tips for playing Tower of Fantasy: Adventure?

To succeed in Tower of Fantasy: Adventure, players need to be strategic and skillful. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the game:

  • Upgrade your character regularly to increase your strength and abilities.
  • Take advantage of the different weapons and equipment available to find the ones that work best for your play style.
  • Learn the attack patterns of the monsters and bosses you face to avoid taking unnecessary damage.
  • Use your skills and abilities wisely to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Explore each floor of the tower thoroughly to find hidden treasures and secrets.

3. What are the different characters available in Tower of Fantasy: Adventure?

Tower of Fantasy: Adventure offers players a variety of characters to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and abilities. Some of the characters available in the game include:

  • Swordsman – A skilled warrior who excels in close combat.
  • Mage – A powerful spellcaster who can deal massive damage from a distance.
  • Archer – A nimble marksman who can attack from range and evade enemy attacks.
  • Priest – A healer who can support the party with buffs and healing spells.

Each character has different skills and attributes that can be upgraded as the player progresses through the game. Choosing the right character for your play style can make all the difference in Tower of Fantasy: Adventure.

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