Tivoli Theater

A GTA 5 guide and walkthrough

Theater Robbery

If you receive a message from the theater manager about a robbery, head to the location (marked with letter P on the world map) and look for a getaway car. Follow it in a fast car and shoot the thief to retrieve the stolen cash. Be careful, the thief may shoot back.

Leaflet Distribution

If the theater manager wants you to advertise the business, go to the airport (marked with letter P on the world map) and get in the Mallard plane. Fly to the yellow circles on the map and drop the leaflets by pressing the appropriate button on the D-pad. You can visit the areas in any order you want. Once done, return to the airport and land safely.


What is Tivoli Theater?

Tivoli Theater is a historic movie theater located in Downers Grove, Illinois. It was built in 1928 and is known for its unique architectural design, which features a Spanish Baroque style with a red-tiled roof, ornate balconies, and a grand marquee. The theater has undergone several renovations over the years and is now a popular venue for live performances and events.

What types of events are held at Tivoli Theater?

Tivoli Theater hosts a variety of events, including live music concerts, comedy shows, film screenings, and theatrical performances. The theater has a seating capacity of 1,000 and offers a range of seating options, including VIP balcony seats and general admission floor seats. Some notable performers who have appeared at Tivoli Theater in the past include Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, and Johnny Cash.

How can I purchase tickets for an event at Tivoli Theater?

Tickets for events at Tivoli Theater can be purchased online through the theater\’s website or in person at the box office. The box office is open on weekdays from 10am to 5pm and on weekends during scheduled events. Ticket prices vary depending on the event and seating options. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance as some events may sell out quickly.

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