Titans Realm | Strategy Guide

A guide for Doom players to successfully navigate through the Titan\’s Realm level.

Challenges to Complete

Trick Shot

To complete this challenge, players must kill a Lost Soul with another Lost Soul. Two pairs of skulls can be found at the bridge at the beginning of the level. Use the Gauss Cannon to hit one skull when the other is nearby.

Atop the Mountain

Perform a \”Death from Above\” Glory Kill on a Baron of Hell (attack from above). Use the Quad Damage power-up after using the first green teleport to successfully perform this challenge.


Kill 20 demons while using power-ups to complete this challenge.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Titan Core

Begin by moving forward. Check the Data Log on the right to gain insight into the level.

Jump into the hole at the end of the tunnel to face a few demons. Climb upstairs after defeating all enemies and cross the short bridge.

Shoot one of the four skulls with the Gauss Cannon when they fly from the left and right. This will complete the Trick Shot challenge.

Jump down onto the platform on the right after eliminating all enemies. Quickly run towards the red switch under the bridge to open entrance to the tunnel on the right. Armor and Elite Guard can be found inside.

Enter the corridor on the left to face more demons. Once all enemies have been defeated, use the switch to open the passage behind you. A Combat Support Drone can be found inside.

Proceed to the left and select an upgrade. The Haste located above will make it easier to defeat the demons in the large chamber. Use it to complete a challenge. Enter the green portal in the middle once the battle is over.

Find the Quad Damage power-up on the first floor of the larger room. Use it to weaken and perform an aerial Glory Kill on the Baron of Hell to complete the Atop the Mountain challenge.

Climb up the stairs and go along the left wall to find a collectible (Keenguy).

Proceed through the teleport in the middle and defeat the enemies in the large chamber on the other side.

To progress in the game, first kill all the beasts and then find a door with red skulls. Beside it, there will be a launcher that will take you one floor above. From there, jump to the other side of the room and find the second collectible in the corner. Jump to the green armor to move forward. Behind it, there will be a yellow skull which, when picked up, triggers the ceiling to drop at you. Hide inside a niche until everything is back to normal. Turn right and jump down to the room with a yellow door, which unfortunately cannot be opened yet. Instead, go left to the chamber with green substance. Kill the demons and use the red button at the end. Two large demons will appear, but you can easily kill them with the Invulnerability power-up. Move through the yellow door, and behind it, you will see a red switch. Use it to open the door with red skulls. Before proceeding, unlock the Classic Map by using the lever ahead of the gate. Finally, pick up the blue skull and defeat the demons that appear, including the Baron. Use the green portal to move forward and collect the Data Log on the right and Mega Health in the short tunnel on the left.

There is a chamber behind the upcoming door with a blue entrance. However, you need to fight a group of demons before unlocking it. Once the first Summoner appears, make sure to grab the berserk floating in the middle. This will make it easier for you to defeat all the strongest beasts, including the Baron.

Once the battle is over, open the blue gate and grab the last Data log. This will mark the end of the level.


1. What is Titan\’s Realm?

Titan\’s Realm is a level in the popular video game Doom. It takes place on one of Jupiter\’s moons and is known for its challenging gameplay and creepy atmosphere. The level is divided into several sections, each with its own unique challenges and enemies. Players must navigate through a maze of corridors, use their weapons and upgrades effectively, and defeat a variety of demonic creatures in order to progress to the next stage.

2. What are some tips for successfully completing Titan\’s Realm?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when playing Titan\’s Realm is to stay on the move. There are many enemies in the level, and if you stay in one spot for too long you will quickly become overwhelmed. It\’s also essential to use your weapons and upgrades wisely. Don\’t be afraid to switch between weapons and use your grenades and other special abilities when necessary. Finally, be sure to explore every nook and cranny of the level to find all the hidden secrets and power-ups that can help you along the way.

3. What are some of the key challenges in Titan\’s Realm?

There are many challenges in Titan\’s Realm, but some of the most notable include navigating through the maze-like corridors, defeating the various demonic enemies, and avoiding deadly traps and hazards. There are also several boss battles throughout the level that require careful strategy and quick reflexes to defeat. In addition, players must keep an eye on their health and ammo levels, as resources can be scarce in Titan\’s Realm.

4. How does Titan\’s Realm fit into the larger story of Doom?

Titan\’s Realm is an important level in the overall story of Doom, as it takes place on one of the moons of Jupiter that has been colonized by the UAC corporation. The level is part of the larger campaign mode of the game, which follows the player character\’s journey through a world overrun by demonic forces. Titan\’s Realm serves as a key point in this journey, as the player must navigate through the dangerous moon base in order to advance to the next stage of the campaign.

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