Thomas Apartment Walkthrough for The Medium

This page provides a walkthrough for Thomas\’ apartment, the 19th stage of The Medium. It outlines all the necessary interactions needed to progress and contains secret locations to explore.

  • Power Supply
  • Mirror

Power Supply

As soon as you enter the bunker, you\’ll notice the power panel. Move the lever to turn off the electricity in the whole apartment.

Use your flashlight to explore the back of the room where you\’ll find medicines and a butterfly atlas on one of the shelves.

On the left side of the destroyed door, you\’ll see fuses to use.

Unscrew the fuse and keep it in your inventory.

The girl\’s room has dresses, toys, and a stack of books by the bed that confirms her stay in the bunker.

Once you\’ve explored the entire room, go back to the power panel to turn on the electricity.

To restore power, you must insert a fuse and arrange the levers in the correct order. Refer to the screenshot above for the proper sequence:

  1. Bottom;
  2. Bottom;
  3. Top;
  4. Bottom.


Head to the kitchen after restoring the power and repair the broken mirror.

The first piece is on the kitchen counter, while the second is in the bathroom.

The final piece of the mirror is on the table next to the TV. You can also explore the board full of information in the same room.

Return to the kitchen and piece together the mirror by fitting the fragments in the correct spots.

After passing through the mirror, you\’ll witness a significant cut-scene.

Your objective is to reach the platform in the woods where the final cut-scene of the game takes place.


What is \”The Medium: Thomas\’ apartment\”?

\”The Medium: Thomas\’ apartment\” is a part of the video game \”The Medium\”. It is a puzzle-solving game in which the player takes control of a medium named Marianne, who is investigating a murder mystery. The game is set in two different worlds – the real world and the spirit world. Thomas\’ apartment is a location in the real world that Marianne visits to uncover clues related to the murder case she is investigating. The apartment is filled with hidden secrets and puzzles that the player needs to solve to progress in the game.

How do you complete the walkthrough of Thomas\’ apartment?

To complete the walkthrough of Thomas\’ apartment, the player needs to search for clues and solve puzzles. The first step is to explore the apartment thoroughly and collect all the objects that might be useful in solving the puzzles. The player needs to use their psychic abilities to reveal hidden objects and interact with them to uncover more clues. The puzzles in the apartment are challenging and require a sharp mind to solve. The player needs to think creatively and use all the clues they have gathered to solve the puzzles. Once all the puzzles are solved, the player can progress to the next part of the game and continue the investigation.

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