The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Map of Important Locations M19

The following guide is for The Witcher 3 and provides a map of important locations for M19 – Faroe – Atlas.

Key Points of Witcher 3 M19 – Faroe – Atlas

The map includes main locations, points of interest, road signs, strong enemies, and important NPC characters.

Main Locations on the Map:

1 – Harviken: A small village with a blacksmith, grindstone, and inn.

2 – Hidden Treasure: A location marked by a note found on a body. Dive and use your witcher senses to find a sword needed for the \”Iron Maiden\” quest.

3 – Monster Den: Enter the cave, use Aard sign to destroy the wall, and find the Diagram for a feline silver sword – mastercrafted.

4 – Arena: Challenge Einar (lvl 29) and win 70 coins and a scheme. Fight Gudnar for the \”Iron Maiden\” quest.

5 – Monster Den: Defeat the harpies (lvl 13) and find schemes for mastercrafted feline armor, gauntlets, trousers, and boots.

6 – Trottheim: Complete the \”Flesh for Sale\” quest in this village invaded by pirates.

7 – Hidden Treasure: Find the treasure in the middle of the sea using the book found on a body.

8 – Shrine: Defeat the group of pirates (lvl 17) to help the pilgrim.

Important NPC Characters on the Map:

Blacksmith: Sells steel and silver swords, runestones, and crafting materials. Can forge weapons at an amateur level.

Innkeeper: Sells cards for Gwent and food.

Strong Enemies:


Venomous Arachasae

This guide provides a map of Faroe Island and the surrounding small islands of the Skellige archipelago. Important areas from Faroe and the surrounding area, as well as all signposts found on the island are marked on the map of the world atlas.

  • Faroe: Location Description
  • Faroe: Most Important Places
  • Faroe: Enemy Types
  • Faroe: Important Information

Faroe: Location Description

The map shows Faroe island and its surroundings in the south-eastern part of Skellige archipelago. A medium-sized village is available for completing quests and fixing equipment. You will also find treasure hunts, side quests, powerful enemies, and diagrams required for creating witcher gear.

Faroe: Most Important Places

1. Harviken Village: A large settlement with a blacksmith, an inn, and a grindstone to strengthen weapons. Will be visited while completing quests.

5. Monsters\’ Den: Defeat a group of harpies (level 13) to access the diagrams for cat school mastercrafted shoes, armor, trousers, and gauntlets.

To proceed, focus on the statues and locate the levers on either side. Use them to adjust the statues so they face each other, causing them to glow. Move to the left tunnel and position the statue in line with the door, repeating this in the right tunnel. Once all statues are correctly placed, a door will open allowing access. Head to the central wall and use the Aard sign to reveal a chest with valuable relics.

Upon approaching Trottheim village, the Flesh for Sale side quest will trigger, giving you the option to clear the area of pirates or leave them be. Your decision will impact future gameplay, as returning to the village will result in hostility from the pirates, whereas clearing them out will allow for the return of the common folk (minus the merchants).

Faroe: Types of Enemies


White Wolf

Endrega Warrior






Venomous Arachasae

Faroe: Vital Information

Several Cat School Witcher gear diagrams can be found on the island in two nearby caves at (M19,3) and (M19,5), all of which are at the mastercrafted level. Additionally, don\’t miss the Place of Power on the northwestern edge of the island, which will grant an extra skill point and a temporary boost to the Yrden sign.


What is M19 on the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt map?

M19 is a location on the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt map that is known as the \”Fyresdal\” region. This area is home to a small village of the same name, as well as several points of interest, including a blacksmith, a notice board, and a few quests. The landscape of M19 is primarily mountainous, with several winding paths and trails that connect the different areas of the region. Players can also find a few hidden treasures and monster nests to clear out in this region.

What are some of the important quests in the M19 region of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

One of the most important quests in the M19 region of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is \”The Lord of Undvik.\” This quest is a main storyline quest and involves Geralt traveling to the island of Undvik to track down a missing crew of warriors. Another important quest in this region is \”The Heroes\’ Pursuits: Fyresdal,\” which involves Geralt helping a group of heroes complete various tasks to prove their worth. Finally, players can also complete \”The Tower Outta Nowheres,\” a side quest that involves investigating a strange tower that has appeared out of nowhere in the Fyresdal region.

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