The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Important Locations Map M14

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Key Points of The Witcher 3 M14 – Kaer Muire – Atlas

1,2,3… – These are the main locations on the map

Points of interest on the map

Road signs

Strong enemies

Important NPC characters on the map

1 – Fayrlund
There is a small village here, where you can find a blacksmith, merchant and start a side quest.

2 – Hidden treasure
You can find a note on a soldier\’s body and the chest with treasure is in one of the destroyed houses. You will find valuable things inside, such as the Bloodsword.

3 – Search the ruins and you will find a chest with the Diagram: Griffin Steel Sword – mastercrafted.

4 – When you try to talk to a wounded man, you will be attacked by him and two other bandits (lvl 11-13).

5 – Defeat 5 Mucknixers (lvl 15). Take the key and the note from the body near the wagon. The treasure is at the bottom of a small lake, where you will find gold, Mellitele figurine and D\’yaebl sword.

6 – Near this place, a boy will ask you to help his father, but when you go to the designated place, you will be attacked by 3 bandits (lvl 14).

7 – Arinbjorn
There is a notice board, Inn, blacksmith and anvil to strengthen your weapon in this village.

8 – Cave
You will find 3 Rock Trolls (lvl 17) inside the cave. Before killing them, listen to their conversation. You can find the Diagram: Enhanced ursine boots inside one of the chests.

9 – Kaer Muire
You will find an armorer, blacksmith, grindstone, and table to improve your armor here. There is also a merchant in the nearby village.

10 – Cave
Defeat the bear (lvl 16) and go forward through the tunnel to find a small room with a chest. You can take the Diagram: Griffin silver sword – superior from it.

11 – Fyresdal
You will find a notice board, blacksmith and merchant in this place.

12 – Fishing village
Go to the burned house on the north of the village, and clear the passage to the basement by using Aard sign. Defeat two Wraiths (lvl 20). In one of the rooms, you will find the chest with the Diagram: Ursine steel sword. There will also be a letter that leads you to another part of the Witcher\’s gear.

13 – Cave
You will find some crafting materials here. You can unlock one of the walls by using Eye of Nehaleni. Going forward, you will find the alchemist\’s body. Take the note and the key, which you can use to open a chest in a further part of the tunnel.

14 – Inside the ruined tower, you can find the Diagram: Griffin silver sword – mastercrafted in the chest.

15 – Cave
Deal with the bandits and explore the cave to find an upgraded armor schematic from the Witcher\’s Bear school gear.

Important NPC characters on the map:

Merchant – He sells many different hides and The Lonesome World Guide to Faroe, which unlocks road signs in Faroe island.

Merchant #2 – He will appear after resettlement of this place. He sells some crafting materials and many different maps, which unlock road signs.

Merchant #3 – He sells hides, maps and the best saddlebags (+100 to maximum load).

Merchant #4 – He sells hides and fish.

Blacksmith – He sells many schemes and crafting materials.

Blacksmith #2 sells crafting materials, schemes, and good swords, and can forge weapons at an amateur level.

Smith sells runestones, crafting materials, and good swords, and can forge weapons at a journeyman level.

Smith #2 sells runestones, crafting materials, and swords, and can forge weapons at an amateur level.

Herbalist sells recipes and alchemical ingredients, but first, you must save him from the bandits.

Herbalist #2 sells recipes and alchemical ingredients and appears after you destroy the sirens\’ nest.

Inkeep sells food and gwent cards.

Armorer sells valuable crafting materials and some good armors and can create armors at a journeyman level.

Strong enemies:



Endrega Drones


Armored Arachasae




In this page of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt guide, you can find a map of Kaer Muire, the southern part of Ard Skellig. We have marked all signposts in the southern part of Ard Skellig, as well as important areas in Kaer Muire and its surrounding area.

  • Kaer Muire: Location description
  • Kaer Muire: Most important places
  • Kaer Muire: Enemy types
  • Kaer Muire: Important information

Kaer Muire: Location description

The map above shows the southern part of the largest island in the Skellige archipelago, Kaer Muire. You can find many villages, caves, and treasures here.

You can easily find merchants, including blacksmiths and herbalists, but beware of monsters, most of which have a level above 15. In a separate chapter of this guide, you can find a list of quests you can do in this location.

Kaer Muire: Most important places

1. Fayrlund

A small village in the north-western part of the map. You can find a blacksmith and a merchant here. This is where one of the largest side quests, In the Heart of the Wood, begins.

9. Kaer Muire

The largest human settlement in this territory. Kaer Muire is a castle built on a large hill. You can find anything a witcher could need here – a blacksmith, an armorer, a grindstone, an armorer\’s table. In the village under the castle, you can find a regular merchant and a boat that you can use.

11. Fyresdal

In the village, you can find a blacksmith and a merchant. By checking the notice board, you can learn about the possibility of taking a witcher contract – Contract: Dragon.

Kaer Muire: Enemy types

White wolf









Endrega Dron

Endrega Worker

Endrega Warrior

Armored Arachnasae



Kaer Muire: Important information

While wandering through this location, you must watch out for large groups (up to 15 members) of white wolves. They can be very dangerous, even for a high-level character. You can encounter them in every region.

If you\’re looking to find some parts of the witcher gear, head to Kaer Muire. You can locate them in various spots like the cave near Elverum Lighthouse, the cave near the Place of Power, the destroyed tower, and the ruins of Boxholm village. It\’s recommended that you visit the larger villages first, as this will unlock signposts and grant you access to merchants. And of course, don\’t forget to head to the Place of Power.


1. What is the significance of the map in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

The map in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is crucial for players to navigate through the vast open-world environment. It displays various important locations such as cities, villages, and points of interest. Players can also use the map to track their current location, check available quests, and plan their journey accordingly. Additionally, the map can also be used to fast travel to previously explored locations, saving players time and effort.

2. How do players unlock new locations on the map?

Players can unlock new locations on the map by exploring the game world and discovering new areas. Some locations may be revealed through completing quests or by talking to NPCs. Once a new location is discovered, it will be marked on the map and players can revisit it at any time. It is worth noting that some locations may not be accessible until certain conditions are met, such as completing a certain quest or obtaining a specific item.

3. Can players customize the map in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

Yes, players can customize the map in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt to their preferences. They can change the map markers to highlight different types of locations, such as shops, monster nests, or hidden treasures. Players can also toggle on or off various map icons, making it easier to navigate and focus on relevant information. The map can be accessed at any time during gameplay, allowing players to adjust it as necessary.

4. Are there any hidden locations or easter eggs on the map?

Yes, there are several hidden locations and easter eggs scattered throughout the game\’s world map. Players can discover secret caves, hidden treasure troves, and even references to other popular media franchises. Some easter eggs are easier to find than others, and players may need to explore off the beaten path to uncover them. These hidden locations and easter eggs add an extra layer of excitement and discovery to the game, encouraging players to explore every nook and cranny of the world map.

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