The Shakedown / Every Mothers Nightmare | Act I

This guide provides a walkthrough for Divinity Original Sin 2 and includes descriptions of two side quests, both of which are relatively short but recommended to complete upon arriving in Fort Joy Ghetto.

  • The Shakedown
  • Every Mother\’s Nightmare

The Shakedown

The Shakedown quest begins in Fort Joy Ghetto where you will encounter three NPCs discussing the overdue protection money owed by the elven girl, Elodi. The overseer of the camp has sent two goons to demand payment from her.

Choice 1: Help Elodi

If you choose to help Elodi, the goons will start a fight with you. It is advisable to come closer to them before joining the conversation to prevent losing AP later. After the fight, Elodi will take you to Caverns where you will learn more about the location. The reward for completing this quest is 480 experience points and Severed Head. If you have an elf in your party, you can use the Corpse Eater talent to enhance their abilities.

Choice 2: Kill Elodi

If you side with the attackers, you will fight against Elodi. She is dangerous, but not a significant threat. If you help the attackers defeat her, you will receive 240 experience points, but no further reward or gratitude.

Choice 3: Remain impartial

If you choose to remain impartial, you will witness Elodi deal with the attackers and escape. You will find her in Caverns, but you will not be able to talk to her. There is no reward for this choice.

Choice 4: Ignore the quest

If you do not take any action, Elodi\’s corpse will be found in Caverns after some time, making the quest inaccessible. There is no reward for this choice.

Every Mother\’s Nightmare

Upon arriving near the gate of Fort Joy, you will meet Fara, who is searching for her lost child. Fara will give you her daughter\’s doll and ask for your help finding her. Next to Fara is Jeth, who will inform you that Fara has gone insane after losing her daughter, Erma, some time ago. Jeth advises that Fara needs help, but not with the search.

Informing Fara about Erma\’s Death

If you inform Fara about the death of Erma, she will suspect her companion of lying. This will bring an end to the quest.


Upon completion of the quest, you will receive 480 experience points.


1. What is \”The Shakedown / Every Mother\’s Nightmare | Act I\”?

\”The Shakedown / Every Mother\’s Nightmare | Act I\” is a musical project that combines the talents of two rock bands – The Shakedown and Every Mother\’s Nightmare. This collaboration resulted in a six-song EP that was released in 2019. The EP features three songs from each band, including \”Honey\” and \”Delta V\” by The Shakedown and \”Snake\” and \”Loco Crazy\” by Every Mother\’s Nightmare. The EP showcases the unique sound and style of each band while also demonstrating their ability to work together to create something new and exciting for their fans.

2. What is the history of The Shakedown and Every Mother\’s Nightmare?

The Shakedown is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee that formed in 2015. They have released several successful singles and EPs, including \”Long Time Comin\’\” and \”Wanted Man.\” Their sound is a blend of classic rock and modern influences, and they have been praised for their high-energy live performances. Every Mother\’s Nightmare is a hard rock band from Memphis, Tennessee that formed in 1987. They have released several albums over the years, including \”Wake Up Screaming\” and \”Smokin\’ Delta Voodoo.\” Their sound is characterized by heavy guitars, catchy hooks, and powerful vocals. Both bands have a dedicated fan base and have toured extensively throughout the United States.

3. Will there be a follow-up to \”The Shakedown / Every Mother\’s Nightmare | Act I\”?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding a follow-up to \”The Shakedown / Every Mother\’s Nightmare | Act I.\” However, fans of both bands continue to show their support and enthusiasm for the project, and it is possible that they may collaborate again in the future. In the meantime, both The Shakedown and Every Mother\’s Nightmare are continuing to create new music and perform live shows, so fans can look forward to hearing more from these talented bands.

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