The Search for a Demon | Reapers Coast

This is a guide and walkthrough for Divinity Original Sin 2.

1. Jahan in Cloisterwood

2. The Advocate on Bloodmoon Island

3. Ancestor Tree on Bloodmoon Island

4. Entrance to Bloodmoon Island Archives on Bloodmoon Island

To begin this quest, speak with Jahan [1]. He will instruct you to eliminate a demon known as The Advocate [2], who resides on Bloodmoon Island.

Access to Bloodmoon Island can be obtained by using teleportation to cross a destroyed bridge. It is also important to use Spirit Vision to locate the hidden fragments of the bridge. Three creatures will greet you upon arrival and direct you to The Advocate, who can be found in the demons\’ camp. It is recommended that you delay killing him until after you complete the quest called The Advocate. During the fight, it is wise to spread out your team.

After defeating The Advocate, report back to Jahan to inform him of the demon\’s death. He will then teach you how to collect an additional Source Point.

The next step involves speaking with the Ancestor Tree [3], which requires knowledge of its true name. You can discover its name by searching the Bloodmoon Island Archives [4] or by speaking with the ghost of the Archivist. Once you know the name, return to the Ancestor Tree and say it to initiate a conversation. This will reveal the name of the demon that Jahan is seeking.

With this information, return to Jahan, who will teach you how to collect another Source Point.

Reward: 36,100 experience points and four guaranteed rewards, plus one of three rewards depending on your character\’s class.


1. What is A Hunter Of Wicked Things quest in Reaper\’s Coast?

A Hunter Of Wicked Things is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Reaper\’s Coast. It involves finding and defeating a dangerous creature known as the Trompdoy. The Trompdoy is a powerful monster that preys on travelers in the area. It is said to be nearly invincible and can only be defeated by a skilled hunter. The quest requires players to search for clues and speak to various NPCs to gather information about the Trompdoy\’s whereabouts.

2. How do I start A Hunter Of Wicked Things quest?

To start the A Hunter Of Wicked Things quest in Reaper\’s Coast, players must first speak to a hunter named Gareth. Gareth is located at the north end of the Stonegarden Graveyard. He will give players the quest and provide them with information about the Trompdoy. Players must then investigate the area and gather information about the Trompdoy\’s whereabouts.

3. What are the rewards for completing A Hunter Of Wicked Things quest?

Completing A Hunter Of Wicked Things quest in Reaper\’s Coast will reward players with a number of valuable items and experience points. The main reward for completing the quest is a unique weapon called the Trompdoy\’s Tooth. This weapon is a powerful two-handed sword that deals significant damage to enemies. Additionally, completing the quest will grant players a large amount of experience points and reputation points with the faction that provided the quest.

4. How difficult is A Hunter Of Wicked Things quest?

A Hunter Of Wicked Things quest in Reaper\’s Coast is considered to be one of the more difficult quests in the game. The Trompdoy is a very powerful creature that requires careful planning and strategy to defeat. Players will need to have a high level character with strong equipment and abilities to successfully complete the quest. Additionally, players will need to carefully explore the area and gather information about the Trompdoy\’s weaknesses to have a chance at defeating it.

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