The Quarry: Trophies and Achievements – List and Guide

A walkthrough guide for The Quarry

On this page, you will find the necessary requirements and instructions to unlock all the achievements and trophies for The Quarry on PS4 and PS5.

Our comprehensive trophy guide for The Quarry provides you with all the information you need to know to achieve 100% completion or the platinum trophy on PlayStation.

  • Key Information
  • What Doesn\’t Kill You…
  • Prologue
  • Rough Night
  • Hackett\’s Quarry Massacre
  • The Final Girl
  • The White Wolf
  • Family Matters
  • Blood Pact
  • Peanut Butter Butterpops!
  • Hard Pass
  • Conspiracy Theorist
  • Meddling Kids
  • It\’s All Coming Together
  • Decked Out
  • What\’s This?
  • The Truth is Out There
  • Creature Feature
  • Forewarned is Forearmed
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
  • Epilogue
  • Nick of Time
  • Nobody\’s Fool
  • Lovers\’ Quarrel
  • Should\’ve Gone to the Motel
  • Above the Law
  • Mutually Assured
  • Just a Flesh Wound
  • Phlebotomy
  • Bizzare Yet Bonafide
  • Reactionist
  • You\’re Breathetaking!

Key Information

  1. Most of the achievements in The Quarry require specific choices to be made. To obtain a large majority of the trophies, one must play according to the guidelines provided.
  2. Some achievements demand multiple playthroughs, making it impossible to attain 100% or the platinum trophy in one single playthrough.
  3. There are 40 achievements/trophies in the game (41 in the PS4/PS5 version).

What Doesn\’t Kill You…

How to unlock: Obtain all the trophies.

Trophy type: platinum

Comment: The Quarry\’s platinum trophy is only accessible on PS4 and PS5.


How to unlock: Successfully complete the Prologue.

Trophy type: bronze

Comment: This trophy is earned automatically upon completion of the prologue.

Rough Night

How to unlock: Keep everyone alive.

Trophy type: gold

Comment: You receive this trophy once you finish the game by saving everyone. To accomplish this, make the correct decisions, and use your perception and dexterity to complete each QTE correctly. This trophy does not require you to finish the game in one playthrough, you can replay specific chapters to prevent deaths.

Hackett\’s Quarry Massacre

How to unlock: Kill everyone.

Trophy type: gold

Comment: You receive this trophy once you complete the game by killing everyone. The available deaths for each character can be found on separate pages of our guide:

  1. Abigail
  2. Kaitlyn
  3. Emma
  4. Ryan
  5. Dylan
  6. Jacob
  7. Nick
  8. Laura
  9. Max

The Final Girl

How to unlock: Kaitlyn survives the night alone.

Trophy type: gold

Commentary: The trophy for completing the game is awarded when everyone except Kaitlyn dies. The best way to achieve this is to combine it with the Hackett\’s Quarry Massacre achievement and, on the second playthrough, load the last chapter where you only need to escape as Kaitlyn from the transformed one.

The White Wolf

How to unlock: Kill Silas.

Trophy type: gold

Commentary: You can obtain this trophy while achieving the Rough Night achievement. To do so, you must shoot down Silas as Laura during the last chapter.

Family Matters

How to unlock: Kill all the Hacketts.

Trophy type: silver

Commentary: This trophy is earned by killing every member of the Hackett family. To do this:

  1. Kill Constance Hackett as Laura in chapter 9 while the women fight over the weapon.
  2. Stick a knife in the chest of one of Constance\’s sons. Bobby can only be hurt if, while playing as Ryan, you did not pull the knife out of the wound but ran away with it. During their fight, Ryan will take out the knife and stab the man.
  3. When Laura passes the piano room in chapter 9 and opens the door, she will meet Jediah Hackett. To kill him, simply select the attack option and complete the QTE.
  4. Chris will die in chapter 9, killed by Ryan. All you have to do is shoot him.
  5. Caleb may die, for example, by being locked in a freezer by fleeing Kaitlyn.
  6. Travis can die if you do not kill Silas at the end of the game and fail the QTE.

Blood Pact

How to unlock: Infect every character.

Trophy type: silver

Commentary: To get this trophy, every character must be bitten. Infected characters do not need to survive.

Peanut Butter Butterpops!

How to unlock: Never miss in a combat encounter.

Trophy type: silver

Commentary: Whenever your character picks up a gun to shoot, shoot straight at the target. If you decide not to pick up a weapon, it will still be counted as a missed shot.

Hard Pass

How to unlock: Refuse Eliza\’s help.

Trophy type: silver

Commentary: During the session with Eliza, refuse to read the tarot cards you have acquired every time.

Conspiracy Theorist

How to unlock: Collect all evidence.

Trophy type: silver

Commentary: You get this trophy by collecting all 10 pieces of evidence. You can find their locations on a separate page of this guide.

Meddling Kids

How to unlock: Collect all clues.

Trophy type: silver

Commentary: You automatically receive this trophy after obtaining all the clues available in the game:

  1. Freakshow Fire
  2. Hackett History
  3. Camp History

It\’s All Coming Together

How to unlock: Find a matching clue.

Trophy type: bronze

Commentary: Some of the clues in The Quarry fit together perfectly and complement each other. By obtaining most of the clues, you will obtain the ones that match.

Decked Out

To unlock this achievement, you must find all 22 Tarot cards. The locations of these cards can be found on a separate page of this guide. Once you have found all the cards, you will be awarded a bronze trophy.

What\’s This?

To earn this bronze trophy, you must collect the first clue in the prologue of the game. This clue is the Harum Scarum poster, which is part of the Freakshow Fire collection. You can find it while Laura is walking alone in the forest.

The Truth is Out There

In chapter 1 of the game, when Abi approaches the tree and checks the empty vial, you will be able to collect the first piece of evidence. Collecting this evidence will unlock a bronze trophy.

Creature Feature

To unlock this bronze trophy, you must start a movie mode playthrough in The Quarry. This mode turns the game into a TV series, and you will receive the achievement once you have activated it.

Forewarned is Forearmed

To earn this bronze trophy, you must have Eliza read at least one Tarot card for you. This achievement is mutually exclusive with the Hard Pass achievement.

Chapter 1-10

Completing each chapter of the game will earn you a bronze trophy. These trophies are earned automatically and cannot be missed.


Once you have completed the game and watched the epilogue, you will earn a bronze trophy. This achievement is earned automatically and cannot be missed.

Nick of Time

To earn this bronze trophy, you must successfully take the fastest route to Nick. Once you have done so, you will receive the achievement.

Summary: This guide provides information on how to unlock various achievements in the game, including tips and requirements for each one.

Nobody\’s Fool

To unlock this bronze trophy, Jacob must survive his encounter with the transformed Nick in the Hackett\’s basement. Players must help Jacob by making the right choices to ensure his survival.

Lovers\’ Quarrel

To unlock this achievement, Abigail must not shoot Nick in the house above the pool. This death is described in detail in the guide. Players must make the right choices to avoid this outcome.

Should\’ve Gone to the Motel

To unlock this trophy, players must reunite Laura and Max and ensure their survival. The guide provides information on how to keep them alive and avoid potential deaths.

Above the Law

To unlock this achievement, players must ensure a good relationship between Travis and Laura. This requires players to be nice to the sheriff from the beginning of Chapter 7 and not take away his weapon. However, killing Travis\’ family does not affect the characters\’ relationship.

Mutually Assured

This achievement requires players to lead Travis and Laura\’s relationship in the right direction. If players mess up all the QTEs and cause Travis to stop trusting them, he will kill Laura in Chapter 9 when she transforms. Bad relationships between characters will result in them killing each other.

Just a Flesh Wound

To unlock this achievement, players must cut off Dylan\’s hand with a chainsaw in Chapter 5. This decision can be made if players break down the door to the cottage in Chapter 1 while playing as Abigail.


This achievement can be unlocked by accepting Laura\’s bite in Chapter 9 to save Ryan. Players must not interrupt during the bite and accept Laura\’s suggestions.

Bizzare Yet Bonafide

To unlock this achievement, players must listen to the podcast in Chapter 7. This requires examining the calendar on the wall and the birthday card to obtain the password that Laura will enter into the computer.


To unlock this achievement, players must activate 15 Interruptions. These are decisions that have a timer, and players must complete 15 of them to earn the trophy.

You\’re Stunning!

How to unlock: Complete 5 Don\’t Breathe challenges

Trophy type: bronze

Note: You can easily earn this achievement by successfully executing the breath-holding technique. It usually triggers when you opt to hide instead of running away.


What are trophies/achievements in The Quarry?

Trophies/Achievements in The Quarry are rewards for completing certain tasks or goals within the game. These can range from winning a certain number of games to reaching a certain level or unlocking a specific item. They are a way to track your progress and show off your accomplishments to other players.

Is there a list of all trophies/achievements in The Quarry?

Yes, there is a complete list of all trophies/achievements in The Quarry. This list can be found in the game\’s menu or on various gaming websites. Each achievement has a specific name and description, as well as a point value. Some achievements are easier to obtain than others, so it may take some time to unlock them all.

Do trophies/achievements in The Quarry have any rewards?

While trophies/achievements do not have any in-game rewards, they can provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for the player. Additionally, unlocking certain achievements may increase your standing within the game\’s community and allow you to access certain features or items.

Is there a trophy guide for The Quarry?

Yes, there are several trophy guides available for The Quarry. These guides provide tips and strategies for unlocking specific achievements and can be found on gaming websites or forums. Some guides may also offer advice on how to complete certain tasks or challenges within the game.

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