The Quarry: Chapter 7 – Guide

This guide provides a walkthrough for Chapter 7 of The Quarry. It includes instructions on completing the tasks and obtaining the Chapter 7 achievement.

Discover how to complete Chapter 7 of The Quarry and unlock the corresponding achievement by following the instructions in this guide.

  • Laura
  • Jacob


As Laura, you will begin Chapter 7 locked in jail. If you are friendly to Travis, he will cooperate with you, resulting in unlocking the Above the Law achievement. However, if you attempt to take the sheriff\’s gun or argue with him, it will lead to tragic consequences and unlock the Mutually Assured achievement.

While in the cell, you can obtain The World tarot card and the Scrawled Limerick clue.

After witnessing Chris\’ transformation, you can explore the area, which includes the police station. Here, you will find The Chariot tarot card, Charred Sheriff\’s Badge and Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast clues, and the Case & Desist Letter evidence. Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast is relevant to the Bizarre Yet Bonafide trophy.

If you wish to continue exploring, return to bed.

Attempting to take the sheriff\’s gun will fail and harm the relationship between characters. However, stealing a syringe does not have to end tragically. You can hide it in the stash in the detention area if you do not wish to use it.


If Jacob survives, he will be found in cages in Hackett\’s house basement. This is where you will meet Constance for the first time.


1. What is the objective of Chapter 7 in The Quarry?

The objective of Chapter 7 in The Quarry is to find and defeat the boss, known as the Stone Golem. To reach the boss, players must navigate through a maze-like quarry filled with enemies and obstacles. Along the way, players can collect valuable items and upgrades to aid in their journey.

2. Are there any tips for defeating the Stone Golem?

Yes, there are several tips for defeating the Stone Golem in The Quarry\’s Chapter 7. First, players should focus on attacking the golem\’s weak points, which are located on its arms and legs. These weak spots will take more damage than attacking the golem\’s main body. Additionally, players should try to dodge the golem\’s powerful attacks, which can deal significant damage. Finally, using items such as health potions and buffs can greatly increase the player\’s chances of success in the battle.

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