The Mind Palace in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

This guide provides a walkthrough for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One and focuses on the Mind Palace. Here, you will learn about the function and usage of the Mind Palace.

In this guide to Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you will find information on how to obtain clues and combine them to solve puzzles. Additionally, this page provides tips on using the Mind Palace, including how to connect clues and what to do when clues don\’t match.

  • Missions
  • Tips
  • Combining the elements


The Mind Palace primarily includes storyline missions. It does not contain clues related to small cases, such as police cases. Within the Mind Palace, you will find the main mission \”A Mother\’s Love\” and the current investigation.


The Mind Palace contains clues and information that you gather throughout the game. This includes elements such as conversations and facts about suspects. Sherlock will take note of whatever is important to the case.

Combining the elements

Within the Mind Palace, you can see all of the elements gathered by Sherlock. To connect clues, select one item on the gray background and then select another that matches it. If they do not match, the clue will be highlighted in red. There is no penalty for mismatching clues.

If you are unsure of how to connect clues, you can refer to the walkthrough for the correct deduction connections. Over time, you will have different choices that will lead to further deductions. You can change these choices at any time to explore other possibilities.


What is the Mind Palace in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One?

The Mind Palace is a technique used by Sherlock Holmes in order to store and retrieve information. In the game Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you can use the Mind Palace to piece together clues and solve puzzles. Essentially, the Mind Palace is a mental map of a physical space, such as a building or a city, that you can use to remember information. The idea is to store things in a way that makes them easier to retrieve later. For example, you might imagine a bookshelf in your Mind Palace with each shelf representing a different category of information. Then, when you need to remember something, you can mentally walk over to the appropriate shelf and retrieve the information you need. The Mind Palace is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to remember a lot of information or solve complex problems.

How can I use the Mind Palace in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One?

In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you can use the Mind Palace to keep track of clues and piece together information in order to solve puzzles. To use the Mind Palace, you\’ll need to explore the game world and gather clues. Once you have some clues, you can open the Mind Palace and start piecing things together. You might start by creating a mental map of the crime scene, or you might focus on a particular suspect and try to connect the dots. The key is to be creative and use your imagination to create mental associations that will help you remember information. With practice, you\’ll be able to use the Mind Palace to quickly solve puzzles and progress through the game. Just remember to stay focused and use your observational skills to gather as much information as possible.

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