The Medium: Workshop – Step-by-Step Guide

Our guide for The Medium will help you navigate through the game. On this page, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for the 15th stage of the game, Workshop. We have detailed all the interactions required to explore this area, including the locations of collectibles and secrets.

  • Meeting Sadness
  • Workshop

Meeting Sadness

After leaving the ruins, head straight through the forest until you meet Sadness. Move closer to trigger the cut-scene, where Sadness will briefly speak with you before disappearing again. Your task is to proceed through the forest until you reach the workshop in front of the Red House.


Explore the area outside the workshop to collect echoes and learn more about the story. You\’ll also need to find a lever to exit the workshop through the gate.

Collect the doll on the left side of the garage to rebuild memory shards and gain energy. Be sure to collect all the energy you can, as it is essential to progress further.

Once you\’ve collected enough energy, head upstairs and go through the window on the left side. Use a spirit blast to turn on the power switch on the first floor to activate the electricity in the garage.

Leave your material form by the engine and use the spirit blast to activate the switch, making the engine rise. Pull out the hydraulic handle located just below the engine to continue.

Insert the hydraulic handle into the jack to open the garage exit and proceed outside. You\’ll see the Red House, which triggers the next part of the storyline. You can explore the area around the Red House to find memory shards and other items, or continue the story by checking the lighter in front of the house.


What is The Medium: Workshop?

The Medium: Workshop is a DLC (downloadable content) for the video game, The Medium. It was released on September 3, 2021, and it includes new content for players to explore. The DLC features a new area called The Workshop, where players must solve puzzles and unravel the mystery of the Niwa Hotel.

How do I access The Medium: Workshop?

To access The Medium: Workshop, you must first own the main game, The Medium. Once you have the game, you can purchase the DLC from the game\’s store or your platform\’s store. After purchasing the DLC, you can access it from the main menu of the game.

What new features are included in The Medium: Workshop?

The Medium: Workshop includes a new area to explore, new puzzles to solve, and new story content to uncover. The Workshop is a dark and eerie location that adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. The DLC also includes new achievements to unlock and collectibles to find.

Is The Medium: Workshop worth buying?

If you enjoyed playing The Medium and want more content, then The Medium: Workshop is definitely worth buying. The DLC provides new challenges and expands on the story of the main game. However, if you did not enjoy The Medium or are not interested in solving puzzles and exploring new areas, then the DLC may not be for you.

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