The Medium: Richards House – Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough guide for the 12th stage of The Medium game, which is Richard\’s House. We will provide you with all the necessary information and interactions that you need to complete in this stage. The objective here is to examine several items and connect them together.

  • Ground Floor
  • First Picture
  • First Floor
  • Second Picture
  • Attic
  • Third Picture

Ground Floor

In this part of the game, you will play as a man who has the same abilities as the spirit version of the protagonist. You can create spirit shields and use a spirit blast. Follow the path until you reach the house, and use the spirit shield to protect yourself from the tentacles along the way.

Once you enter the house, you will find most of the tasks needed to finish this part of the game. You will also learn about Richard\’s story through these tasks.

Go to the left side of the table and pick up the knife. Then, head to the hallway, which will move several times, and keep going until you reach the door. Open the door and enter the next room.

Check the items in the office starting with the pipe on the desk. Then, open the drawer and examine the photo inside. Move on to the fireplace and examine the order, and then check the picture next to it. After that, investigate the item in the fireplace to continue the story.

Once you have checked all the important items, a coffin will appear on the desk, and you can absorb energy from it to move into the painting.

After absorbing the energy, use a spirit blast to reveal the painting, and enter it to experience the next part of the story.

First Picture

You will find yourself in a maze once you enter the painting. Check three items in the maze, starting with the portrait lying on the green bench. The second item is a piece of bread and a bottle of milk, located on the green bench to the left of the maze.

The walkthrough provides instructions on how to complete the game level. There are various screenshots that guide the player on what to do. The first task is to find items such as a pipe, a jewelry box, and an empty beer bottle, and place them on a chair. The final item is located on a rock, which is easy to spot due to the scattered red flower petals. After completing this task, the player needs to go through a maze and then run straight to the gazebo to complete the sequence.

The walkthrough also includes tips on what to do if the game gets bugged and prevents the player from continuing. For example, if the stairs are blocked, the player should reset the game. Additionally, to protect themselves from tentacles attacking them in the corridor, the player needs to use a spirit shield. To unlock the entrance to the next painting, the player needs to use a spirit blast.

The second picture takes the player to a darker version of the maze, where they need to examine a portrait and find an item on the table. The walkthrough concludes with the instruction to head back to the gazebo, which will take the player to the house and continue the story.

Exploring the Attic

Proceed down the corridor until you reach the door leading to the attic. This is the final room that needs to be investigated and painted.

Begin by examining the writing on the wooden desk, which is the first clue you need to investigate.

Next, look for a letter on the left side of the room, inside a broken wooden cabinet.

The final item is in a destroyed dresser on the right side of the room.

After examining all three items, a hangman\’s knot will appear – draw energy from it and move on.

Entering the Third Picture

Use the spirit blast to enter the picture after obtaining energy from the knot.

In the darkest version of the maze, you will find the destroyed portrait hanging from a tree branch.

Beware of attacking tentacles in this version of the world. Use the spirit shield to protect yourself.

The empty milk bottle and crumbs can be found on a rock in the right part of the maze.

Look for the marker on the green bench, located next to the large branches.

The final important element is the wilted roses, which can be found on the final path.

Return to the gazebo and examine the dried flowers. Do not be afraid of the monster\’s paws that move above you – they will not harm you.

Use the spirit blast to free the boy, then talk to him and watch a cut-scene. After learning about the next part of the story, you will return to the main character.


1. What is The Medium: Richard\’s House?

The Medium: Richard\’s House is a part of the video game The Medium, which is a psychological horror game developed by Bloober Team. The game is set in two different realities, the real world and the spirit world, and players control a medium named Marianne who has the ability to travel between both worlds. Richard\’s House is a location in the game that Marianne must explore to uncover the secrets of the Niwa Resort, which is the main setting of the game.

2. What is the objective of Richard\’s House?

The objective of Richard\’s House is to find clues and items that will help Marianne progress in the game. The house is filled with puzzles and obstacles that must be overcome to uncover the truth about the Niwa Resort and the mystery surrounding it. As players explore the house, they will encounter various spirits and entities that will try to stop them from uncovering the truth. It is up to the player to use Marianne\’s abilities to defeat these entities and continue on their journey.

3. How long does it take to complete Richard\’s House?

The length of time it takes to complete Richard\’s House depends on the player\’s ability to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. On average, it takes about 30-45 minutes to complete the section. However, players who take their time and explore every nook and cranny of the house may take longer to complete it. The game is designed to be immersive and atmospheric, so players are encouraged to take their time and soak in the environment as they progress through the game.

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