The Medium: Journey to the Hotel – Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough guide for the third stage of The Medium game, where you\’ll travel to the hotel. We have provided a description of all the necessary interactions to reach Niwa hotel. Your main objective is to find a screwdriver to get inside the hotel, but there are some additional interactions that will enhance your understanding of the plot and the game\’s immersion.

  • Gate
  • Going through the forest
  • Get to the other side
  • The way to the hotel
  • Parking
  • Entering the hotel


After leaving the funeral house, you\’ll ride a motorcycle to the Niwa hotel, but reaching it won\’t be easy. You can\’t just open the gate and pass through.

You first need to enter the small room on the left and peek through the boarded-up window. You\’ll spot a character walking down the road, which will prompt you to move forward.

Behind the building, there\’s a container that can help you proceed. Jump on it, climb up the wall, and jump down on the other side.

Going through the forest

The path through the forest is straight and linear, making it impossible to get lost. Keep an eye out and use your sight to see the route you\’re supposed to take.

You can also notice some tracks on the trees. Examine them to read the carved signs.

The road ends near an old fort. To get past it, enter the gap, and keep an eye out for the warning sign.

Get to the other side

After entering the cave, you need to squeeze between the rocks. It\’s the only challenging section in this part of the map. The rest of the way is straightforward and open.

As soon as you pass through the rocks, your character will connect with the spirit world. You won\’t have control over it, and the connection will be preceded by a strong headache.

Head left to reach the chasm. Both characters need to squeeze through the narrow debris to reach the rock at the end of the cave. There, you\’ll gain energy to use spirit strike and spirit shield.

Head back to the central area of the cave. To exit the cave, you must use the spirit strike near the power box. This will unlock the door, allowing you to leave the spirit world.

Completing this task will earn you the Conduit achievement, which is only obtainable at this point in the game.

For more information on achievements, refer to the Achievements page.

Route to the Hotel

Once you reach the other side of the forest, follow the tracks. It\’s a straightforward path, and the only obstacle is a tree that you must crawl under.

Upon arriving at the hotel, you will enter the spirit world. After that, you will gain access to the parking lot.

Parking Lot

To proceed further, you must obtain a screwdriver from the red car situated in the center of the square, between the bushes.

Simply lift the mask to reveal the screwdriver. Without it, you won\’t be able to open the hotel entrance.

The parking lot contains several collectibles, which are detailed on a separate guide page, including postcards and echoes of a mysterious caller.

Entering the Hotel

To enter the hotel, use the screwdriver to open the side entrance and move a container out of the way.

Push the container until it\’s next to the entrance. This will allow you to jump onto the metal part above the door. From there, break the window to gain access to the building.


What is The Medium: Journey to the hotel?

The Medium: Journey to the hotel is a horror game that was released in 2021. The game follows Marianne, a medium who is able to communicate with the dead. The game is set in two different worlds, the real world and the spirit world. The player must navigate through both worlds to uncover the mystery surrounding a haunted hotel. The game features puzzles, exploration, and stealth elements. The game also has a unique split-screen mechanic that allows the player to see both worlds simultaneously. The game has received positive reviews for its atmospheric setting and storytelling.

How do I solve the puzzles in The Medium: Journey to the hotel?

The puzzles in The Medium: Journey to the hotel require the player to use both the real world and the spirit world to solve them. The player must use Marianne\’s abilities to interact with objects in both worlds to progress. The game also features a hint system that can be accessed through a phone that Marianne carries. If the player is stuck on a puzzle, they can use the hint system to get a clue on what to do next. Some puzzles require the player to use their surroundings to solve them, while others require the player to find certain items or interact with specific objects. The game also features a journal that keeps track of the player\’s progress and gives clues on what to do next.

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